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The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

<p>The original firestarters are still burning hot</p>
| Jan 14, 2010
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Liking riding on top of a runaway freight train, The Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die is an absolute rush to listen to. That said, if you’ve never been a fan of synth-driven aggressive electronic music, this latest album from this trio of rave lunatics from Essex won’t do much to change your perspective.

Otherwise though, this is a masterful piece of work that packs as much punch and aggression as a screaming metal band, combined with a real penchant for making your body move in ways that only a Fatboy Slim beat could.

Opening the album is the titular “Invaders Must Die,” which immediately hearkens back to the band’s roots, and proudly announces “We are prodigy,” in the first line. It wakes you up like your first cup of coffee in the morning, and from there on out, it’s an aural assault, courtesy of the next three tracks: “Omen,” “Thunder,” and “Colours.” These four tracks are trademark Prodigy, lined with pulse-pounding beats, and rough, rugged yet catchy synth lines.

The first half of the album hits a climax with “Take Me To The Hospital,” which features high-pitched vocals that seemingly match the track’s forceful bass rhythm and synth, punch for punch. “Warrior’s Dance,” “Run With The Wolves,” and “Worlds On Fire” sees the trio push on the gas pedal even more, as if losing themselves in a dancing riot, with booming beats, and one-line phrases that stick to your head when you least expect it.

“Piranha” and the album’s last song “Stand Up” sees the trio explore new creative grounds, experimenting with sounds that we haven’t heard from them before, and giving listeners a taste of what’s next for the band. While The Prodigy’s music is not for everyone, for those who appreciate electronica and dance music, this one’s very much near the apex.

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