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These 10 OPM Hits Will Remind You Of How Heartbroken You Were 10 Years Ago

Have you moved on yet?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 2, 2016
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Perhaps, you were still in high school, or college, or, gasp, elementary in 2006. Maybe you were one of those emo kids (black eyeliner, black plastic bracelets, and all), or just the usual Joe with an impeccable taste in music who grew up listening to the Eraserheads or Parokya ni Edgar. Either way, 2006 was definitely a great year for music lovers and the OPM scene. Remember how Pinoy bands and solo artists lorded it over the radio and music channels charts back then? Or how you diligently followed your favorites wherever they gigged around town? Crazy times, man—and filled with so many headbanging memories and just about as much heartbreaking tales. Speaking of broken hearts, FHM listed down these 10 now-classic OPM heartbreak hymns that have seen you through those dark and hurtful times. We hope you're feeling so much better and stronger now...

1) 'Beer' by Itchyworms

"Bawat patak anong sarap
Ano ba talagang mas gusto ko
Ang beer na ito o ang pag-ibig mo"

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The "national anthem" of your brokenhearted bro (or you?), "Beer" became everyone’s instant favorite as soon as it hit the airwaves a decade ago. An inuman or videoke session would be incomplete without the whole barkada singing this song. Admit it, you sang your heart out whenever the "Bawat patak, anong sarap/Ano ba talagang mas gusto kooooooo" lines came up. Beer, bonding, broken hearts. Someone explain why those three go along so well together, please.

2) 'Dahil Ikaw' by True Faith

"Nandito lang ako
Naghihintay sa iyo na mapansin
Ang aking damdamin
Na para lang sa iyo"

C'mon, you were this lovestruck (and cheesy) 10 years ago. You wooed her for months, did everything for her—heck, even sang to her this song. Medwin Marfil just…gets you, bro. The longing, the love, the "Ako na lang, ako na lang kasi" feeling. It's 100 percent #feels.

3) 'Direction' by Slapshock

"I'm looking in your eyes
I'm reading all your lies
I pretend to be alright
But it kills me down inside"

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Slapshock's "Direction" brilliantly covers up the hurt through its banging instruments and Jamir Garcia’s superb and powerful vocals. But you knew deep inside, beyond all that rock and roll, was a soul so tired of loving. That time you were confused whether you'd still stay or go, "Direction" was your jam.

4) 'Jeepney' by Sponge Cola

"Naaalala ko ang mga gabing nakahiga sa ilalim ng kalawakan
Naaalala ko ang mga gabing magkatabi sa ulan"

Remember the time your relationship ended? Ouch. Well, Yael Yuzon was one with you then. You never realized how much you could despise seeing PUJs after hearing Sponge Cola's "Jeepney." The song made you unconsciously remember the times you were with the one you loved and saw any of the following—a handkerchief, the sky, those raindrops, and of course, a jeepney. You even practiced this in your guitar: D-D9-G. Man, why does it have to end?

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5) 'Kung Wala Ka' by Hale

"Natapos na ang lahat
Nandito parin ako
Hetong nakatulala
Sa mundo
Sa mundo"

Ten years ago, everyone had a crush on Hale vocalist and current Louise delos Reyes beau Champ Lui Pio. Damn, you were jealous of him, big time. Every girl on the campus (yes, even your crush) had posters of Hale on their dormitory wall. Every guy, meanwhile, had songhits in their hands as they memorized the lines of this song, all while thinking of the one that got away. "Kung Wala Ka" hit so hard in fact that you thought you'd never recover from the pain.


6) 'Magbalik' by Callalily

"Tulad ng mundong hindi tumitigil sa pag-ikot
Pag-ibig di mapapagod"

This was your chosen hymn when she left, the one you thought about while you were busy loving her from a far. For a time, you never stopped wishing that she'd come back. And that music video. Damn it, Kean Cipriano and company. Why did you have do it like that? 

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7) 'Narda' by Kamikazee

"Awit na nananawagan, baka sakaling napakikinggan
Pag-ibig na palaisipan sa kanta na lang idaraan
Nag-aabang sa langit, sa mga ulap sumisilip
Sa likod ng mga tala, kahit sulyap lang Darna"

You braved those long lines during UP Fair just to hear and see Kamikazee in the flesh. Along with a sea of people wearing black band shirts, you jumped and joined the mosh pit while singing this unforgettable rocker of a hit. You headbanged and air-drummed to this classic. You made this sign using your fingers—\m/. You dedicated this song to that hard-to-get girl, your ideal woman. Sadly, you felt you were not meant to be together. So you gave up even before your pursuit of her started. Still, you hoped that someday, somehow, she'd be with you someday. 

8) 'Oo' by Up Dharma Down

"'Di mo lang alam ako'y iyong nasaktan
O baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Puro s'ya na lang, sana'y ako naman
'Di mo lang alam, ika'y minamasdan
Sana'y iyong mamalayang hindi mo lang pala alam"

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"Oo" was on everyone's lips when it was first released in 2006 that, even if you had trouble memorizing the lyrics, you didn't stop singing it so you could fully internalize the song. You strived to learn the chords to this song too because every girl you knew loved it. So you toiled until you got the rhythm right. Then, this immortal line came about: "Tara, jamming! Tugtog ako, tapos kanta ka." Sounds familiar? #StyleMoBulok

9) 'Ulan' by Cueshe

"Lagi na lang umuulan
Parang walang katapusan
Tulad ng paghihirap ko ngayon
Parang walang humpay"

You felt like "rockerz" while you secretly played this song out loud alone at home (because you were too chicken to admit that you liked Cueshe in public). In fact, we bet, you still know the lyrics to this song until now. Truth is, you never quite forgot your go-to song during those cuddle-weather-while-missing-someone-nights back in the day. Don't worry, you're not alone.

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10) 'Will You Ever Learn' by Typecast

"Un-lonely nights, romantic moments
The love, the love
What about them
Throw it all away"

Does listening to this song again make your heart tingle a little? Can you still feel the sting? You know, like it was 10 years ago when you, along with your bangs, acted all emotional, hurt, and crushed. Go ahead and cry as the memories come rushing back to you now. Nothing wrong with big boys doing that in this day and age. Much as we don't want to admit it, we understand what you're feeling more than you'll ever know.


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