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Here's Your Titos Of Manila Playlist

Featuring VST, Rico J., Hagibis, and many more!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 4, 2016
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It’s Sunday morning and you’re back at your parents’ house. You hear music from outside your door. It's coming from a radio. VST’s groovy voice singing “Walang iba pang sasarap sa pagtitinginan natin.” It’s daddy’s favorite OPM hits, playing nonstop, welcoming you back home. Then comes Hagibis, Hotdog, Rico J. Puno, Haji Alejandro, and the rest of those men you've branded as oldies in your tito music playlist. Music fills the air, memories fill the room. 

To celebrate your paps and titos great (but sometimes questionable) musical tastes, FHM has come up with this all-Filipino, throwback playlist. This list is tito-approved. So sit back, relax, and embrace your inner-tito!

1) “Tunay na Ligaya” by Ariel Rivera

Having a “theme song” is a must. And this was probably tito’s theme song for your tita. Cheesy!

2) “Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba” by APO Hiking Society

You might have heard rumors about how much of a chickboy your dad used to be. Of course, he’ll deny it. But whenever this plays on the radio, you see your mom smirking and pointing to your dad. And perhaps, this is your theme song now, too, you abanger.

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3) “Manila” by Hotdog

Your OFW tito's favorite song. It never gets old—very much like the charm of the city.

4) “Handog” by Florante

Papa used to sing this to you, as a lullaby, remember? This song just gets you. Go, punch the wall to feel manly again, it’s understandable.

5) “Macho Gwapito” by Rico J. Puno

Pabling, babaero, salawahan—your dad and titos might have been labeled one of these back ion the day. 

6) “Balatkayo” by Anthony Castelo

Coffee, newspaper, this song. This is tito’s all-time favorite videoke piece. You actually don’t know who Anthony Castelo is, but you just know this tune by heart.

7) “Paminsan-minsan” by Richard Reynoso

Another videoke favorite, “Paminsan-minsan” reminds you of those drunk moments when your father and uncles would give you relationship advice. 


8) “Babaero” by Randy Santiago

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Randy Santiago’s classic hit. Sinabayan siguro ito ng tito at tita mo sa Ratsky!

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9) “Panakip-Butas” by Hajji Alejandro

Who would have thought that the kilabot ng mga kolehiyala would experience such a heartbroken moment? Speaking of broken hearts, this was the anthem of your cannot-move-on tito. Remember the story?

10) “Legs” by Hagibis

You know what’s synonymous with tito music? Hagibis! Move over boy bands of today, Hagibis was the holy grail of boy groups!

11) “Binibini” by The Rainmakers

Your dad dedicated this song to your mom. Play this at home and watch mom get kilig all over. Better yet, sing it to your ladylove, too. Take it from dad, he knows best.

12) “Doon Lang” by Nonoy Zuniga

Admit it, you memorize the lyrics. 

13) “No Touch” by Juan Dela Cruz Band

Pinoy rock at its finest, “No Touch” should be part of the tito-playlist hall of fame. You sang this with dad and tito, complete with second voice and all—in between beers and bottles of gin, of course!

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14) “Ipagpatawad Mo” VST and Company

“Ipagpatawad Mo” was your dad’s go-to anthem whenever he did something that upset your mom. Check out those hairstyles!

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