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Top 50 Beatles: Part 2

<p>The fun that won't let you down continues!</p>
| Sep 13, 2009
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Here's the second part of our three-day Beatles celebration!

21. Paul always, always, checked himself out in the mirror before every photo shoot. Vain much?

22. Ringo couldn’t play Rock Band: The Beatles. “It’s impossible. I cannot watch the line going down and play at the same time. [Those who play it] they’re playing a game, they’re not making music. The music is already made.”

23. Paul can’t play Rock Band: The Beatles, too. But he thinks he would have liked it if he’d had it as a kid.

24. George wouldn’t (most probably) play Rock Band: The Beatles. His wife, Olivia, shared that the Quiet Beatle would have quipped: “Why don’t they [just] play real guitars?”

25. Since they refused to play at the Monterey Pop Festival, The Beatles simply contributed an original illustration to the official festival program. Since the group was busy with Sgt. Pepper then, the felt marker-colored pencil-ink-drawn message was signed, “from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” and “Sincerely, John, Paul, George and Harold.”

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26. Planning to finally pen his auto bio, John recorded on his infamous “diary tapes” in 1979, in which he revealed that when he was 14, he had a sexual thought about his mum, Julia, while napping next to her.

27. What’s wrong with Ringo “warning” his fans—“with peace and love”—not to send him any more trash to be signed? It turned out Drummer Boy’s been graciously signing almost everything people sent to his various manses around the world. One fan site lists complaints that read: “I sent in two photos, one set of drumstick, one t-shirt and one sweatshirt. The drumsticks and one photo were returned unsigned.” Whoa.

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