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Top 50 Beatles: Part 3

<p>We conclude this madness of a list</p>
| Sep 14, 2009
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At last, we've come to the end of this weekend-long journey. But the list is the only thing ending. As we know too well, and with the digital remasters and the videogame platform, the music will live on.

41. We know that John used to make up his own guitar chords, but we never knew he owed his Beatle mate a musical debt. “"I didn’t write much material early on, less than Paul, because he was quite competent on guitar. Paul taught me quite a lot of guitar, really."

42. The woman that John had an affair in “Norwegian Wood” was not a mysterious journalist, but a very much married London neighbor who happened to be the wife of a Beatles photographer. Tsk, tsk.

43. There is currently a new stage play about the “true story behind George Harrison’s suitcase.” Apparently, the guitarist left it in 1962 in Irby Village Hall, where it remained for 40 years. Now, when would they create a play about the electric guitar John Lennon supposedly left here in the Philippines? Hmm…

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44. Ringo released his 2008 album, Liverpool 8, as a USB-slash-wristband. The pre-loaded bracelet contains the whole studio album, a personal video message from Ringo, interview footage, ring tones, photos and a track-by-track commentary from the Beatle himself.

45. In 1977, Ringo found himself in a dilemma when he got several Thanksgiving dinner invitations slated on the same night. In a diplomatic move that pleased his mates, he asked what time each friend was serving turkey. He then dropped by each pal’s house at appointed hours to personally slice the turkey for their guests. Bait, no?

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