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Top 50 Beatles

<p>Some you already know, some we bet you didn’t!</p>
| Sep 12, 2009
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7. The publishing rights to “Penny Lane” belongs neither to The Beatles nor to Sony/ATV. Holmes a Court forced Jacko to “gift” the song’s rights to HaC’s daughter—who remains the song’s owner today!

8. The Beatles PR man Tony Barrow baptized the group as “Fab Four.”

9. Stop over analyzing the real meaning of “goo goo goo joob.” John already said it in The Lost Interviews: "'I Am the Walrus’ didn’t mean anything.”

10. In the heat of the “More popular than Jesus” debacle, John finally broke down before a pre-Chicago concert press con in August 1966. When Brian Epstein said he was scared the band would be assassinated during the tour, the outspoken front man started sobbing that “[he’ll] do anything… Whatever [they] say [he] should do.” Poor guy.

11. We almost lost Ringo to a plane crash in the Yucatan jungle during the ‘70s. His overloaded chartered plane was skimming the treetops; his possé already contemplating death. But the laidback rocker calmly and matter-of-factly assured ‘em: “Don’t worry, it’s not my time to go, so we’ll be fine.”

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12. If you wanna nick The Beatles’ original master tapes—Apple Corps’ very own precious—just go down the lower level of Abbey Road Studios and look for a massive steel door marked only with a sign that says: “Danger: High Voltage!”

13. John Lennon may not believe in God, but he’s sure down with Jesus. In 1972, an all-drugged-out Lennon sent a letter of plea to evangelist Oral Roberts to ask regarding Christianity: “Is it phoney? Can He love me?” In ’77, he claimed to have been “born again” but Yoko—with her astrologers and mystics—would have none of it. Nevertheless, in a Newsweek interview right before his demise, John reflected, “Some of [Christ’s parables] are only making sense to me now.” Amen.

14. The Beatles, no matter how heated their gazillion arguments were, never got into blows. But there were three particular instances when they nearly did. First, when John found out that Paul was trying to secretly buy back his own shares in Northern Songs. Next, when George Harrison apparently insulted Yoko in front of John. Then finally, when Ringo took on the thankless job of telling Paul he had to change his solo record’s release date to give way to Let It Be.

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15. In 1970, John got ahead of himself and proclaimed: "I’m not going to waste my life as I have been, which was running at 20,000 miles an hour. I have to learn not to do that, because I don’t want to die at 40." Um…

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