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Top 50 Beatles

<p>Some you already know, some we bet you didn’t!</p>
| Sep 12, 2009
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16. George's monstrous Friar Park estate has a secret underground cave (complete with stylolites and a stream) that’s accessible through an inconspicuous kitchen door. Now, how the hell did the intruder who stabbed George ever found him in such a labyrinthine pad?

17. John used to send his personal assistant Fred Seaman to buy Fab Four memorabilia at Beatles fan club events. To guarantee the fans wouldn’t compete with him for the prized souvenirs, he told his man: “Tell them to remember, the music is the main thing!”

18. Paul, missing his closeness with John but fully aware of the schism between them, once confessed: “On Abbey Road, I would like to have sung harmony with John, like we used to. And I think he would have liked me to. But I was too embarrassed to ask him."

19. And how would have John found Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas extravaganza, Love? “No. No musicals. I loathe musicals. I never did have a plan for doing one. My cousin made me sit through some f*cking musical twice. I just hate them. They bore me stiff. I think they’re just horrible. Even Hair. And they’re always lousy music." Uh-oh.

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20. Meanwhile, Yoko was livid over how John’s songs were interpreted in Love. Cirque du Soleil’s director, Dominic Champagne, said, “Yoko hates what we’ve done with John’s songs!” After watching a body-stockinged performance of “Come Together”, Yoko fumed that they’ve turned John’s political slogan into something “sleazy.”

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