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Touch by Techy Romantics

<p>Awesome debut offering from Techy Romantics</p>
| Feb 25, 2010
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A few weeks ago, FHM received Techy Romantics’ new album Touch. Hearing vocalist Camyl Besinga singing as coolly as she does, it immediately prompted us to make a list of the Nine Sexiest Voices in OPM Today. [firstpara]

Fast-forward to present and here we are, completely over our girl-fronted collective fixation, totally ready to review Touch in the most objective way possible.

That said, allow us to tell you: The last time we felt vibes as good as this was when Up Dharma Down’s debut album surfaced back in 2006.

There's Camyl doing vocals, Ryan Villena providing electric and acoustic guitars, which is featured prominently throughout the record; and Dondi Virrey doing keyboards and MIDI programming. Combined, the three sounds organically well-put together.

“Out of My Mind,” the album’s first track, is straight on with their intentions. The opening beat pretty much gives you an idea what’s in store for you: a whole lot of digitalized love songs.

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“Get It On” feels like the continuation of the opening track. The song bodes so well with the ears that it gets you really pumped up, with or without the vocals or the lyrics.

“Dance like Lightning” is an upbeat song that makes a lot of sense; the phrase of a title, "Dance like lightning" is pretty clever, too. Songs like this and “Photos Fade” can dominate fanatical night owls with that never-ending remix feel.

After a glimpse of the third or fourth track, it's easy to assume that the entire album will be filled with similar rhythms and beats.

“Broken Pieces” is a song that should be able to make dance-floor phobic men dance, with a lomo-fied background preferrably. Crazy, we know, but 80% of the album’s tracks will give you that vibe, or feeling, or energy; whatever you wanna call it.

“Touch Move” is a track favorite among FHM staffers, thanks to its Ting Tings-inspired chorus. It bodes well as the flagship song of the album, thanks to its intriguing opening. Who knew stuttering the word “touch” over and over would sound dangerously sexy?

“Daydream” is very easy to sing along with, if you’re not the dancing type. It’s like ecstasy interpreted in a song, crawling its way inside your ears to your mind.

Songs like these cooperatively give the album a one-up. The only thing about it really, is remembering which song you liked most. Because they all sound alike, from the first run through to the second.

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This is not necessarily a bad thing, because that means the record runs in a very consistent pace. But, there is a but.

Such consistency may have its backlash. For one, there will be listeners—listeners who like their bell curve pointed with rising action, climax, and landing points—who may find this to be too consistent.

Which is a dangerous slope as it may reduce the record into background, which shouldn't be the case because it really is a great record.

Give this one a try, though. Then you will see that Techy Romantics and their collection of songs will surely leave a mark on you. You'll just have to figure out which.


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