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10 Songs That You Will Hear On Every FX Ride

You haven't been on enough FX rides if you haven't heard these classic FX tunes.
by Andi R. Requintina | Jul 24, 2015
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They're cramped and are generally not the most comfortable vehicles in the world, but can you imagine commuting without those four-wheeled contraptions, the FX?

The term originated from Toyota Tamaraw FX which shot to popularity during the late ‘90s. Its 21st century iteration now called “Service”—vans, mini-vans, utility vehicles—ply point A to B, making them the transport-of-choice for professionals and students.

What you didn't know is that the drivers of these public utility vehicles secretly wanted to be DJs, and they project this by making commuters listen to their playlists on ultra-repeat mode. You might have even caught yourself singing along as some have mini-TVs that show lyrics—sometimes correct, often incorrect. If you're lucky enough, their interiors are illuminated with neon blue lights for a full KTV experience. But if you're not up to some jukebox music, don’t blame Manong Driver; blame yourself for forgetting to bring your earphones!

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Here now are the Top 10 FX Driver-Approved Hits!

1)   “Still Loving You” (The Scorpions)

Video via DDponig

A rock anthem that's heard frequently not just in makeshift FX KTVs but in, you know, actual real-life KTVs.

2)   “Out of the Blue” (Michael Learns to Rock)

Video via lukemanasseh's channel

A song dedicated to female co-passengers who could turn themselves into beautiful swans after doing their makeup despite a bumpy ride.

3)   “The Search is Over” (The Survivors)

Video via aerowindggh2006

Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell said this song is corny. FX drivers don't agree.

4)   “Wonderful Tonight” (Eric Clapton)

Video via DANiiBABii33..2KAii7

Easily the simplest tune you can sing along to inside the FX—if your seatmate isn’t singing it yet.

5)   “You’re The Inspiration” (Chicago)

Video via BrandonCleaver22

A song that reminds you to text bae in the morning...or else.

6)   “Faithfully” (Journey)

Video via journeyVEVO

Thanks to Glee and Arnel Pineda, this rock song found new life and is now a favorite among teens—especially those who ride FXs.

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7)   “Sweet Dreams” (Air Supply)

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