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Us-2 Evil-0

<p>Us-2, Evil-0, FHM-1</p>
| Dec 9, 2009
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While Us-2 Evil-0 is a new band, its members have long been habitués of the local music scene. Quark Henares and Mich Dulce may be the members you’re most familiar with but chances are, you’ve already seen all five members at a gig, doing various cameos in other band's videos, and on TV. That's right; they're everybody's friends. Bogs Jugo, Wincy Ong, and Nix Puno complete the line up. [firstpara]

Last week, the band launched their debut record, Dirty Debutante, which, as Quark explains “was originally supposed to be the title of Monsterbot’s debut album. Diego Mapa eventually went with a suggestion I gave, Destroy! Destroy! So nag-trade na lang kami."

The band sat down and gamely answered some of our queries.

Where do you get such interesting names for the band and your record?
Quark: I wanted a band name that was epic, silly and cool at the same time.
Wincy: When you see the band name on a marquee, it looks like a scoreboard.
Quark: Yeah and it'd make a great t-shirt too. Or great merchandising. And it was cute, but at the same time it denoted the epic battle we all have against evil. At least we're winning, right?

How did you all get together?
Wincy: At one drunk Rockeoke session
Mich: Wala ka naman dun a!
Wincy: Andyan kaya ako.
Mich: Ako crush ko lang si Boga eh, I just wanted to be in a band with such a hot man and apparently so did Quark. I didn’t care what we would sound like. I just liked Boga. Ha ha ha!

Quark: Bogs and I had been talking about having a band for a while. Then during on one of the early Rockeokes, Mich goes up to me and says, “I’m forming a band w Boga,” to which I go “No you can’t. I’m forming a band with Boga.” album title.”

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So she replies, “Eh di, let’s both have a band with Boga na lang.” Mich, Nix and I are batch mates so we all started making plans. “Kulang na lang ng gitarista,” we decide, and we look to the far right and see Wincy sitting there alone. Thus the band was formed.


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