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Happy 40 Years, 'Voltes V'!

Fans of the iconic anime series at ToyCon 2016 sing along to its theme song
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 28, 2016
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Only whenever you're five-bottles drunk or you're watching Brod Pete and his "Ang Dating Doon" cohorts do you find yourself muttering the words to Voltes V's theme song.

The anime series holds a special place in our hearts, making its way to Filipino consciousness as early as 1978 (the series debuted in Japan on June 4, 1977). Then-President Ferdinand Marcos even banned it due to concerns of "excessive violence," with some suspecting the gesture as a way to curb the show's revolutionary undertones.


Fast-forward to 2016, and Voltes V is about to mark its 40th anniversary. FHM joins in on the festivities and asked a few fans of the iconic robot in the recent ToyCon 2016 to do some "Borutesu Faibu No Uta" karaoke:

How do you say "Ang saya lang" in Japanese?


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