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13 Songs We Can’t Wait To Hear At Wanderland 2018

Don't forget to buy your girl a flower crown (LOL)
by Vinz Lamorena | Mar 9, 2018
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Wanderland weekend is fast approaching. Music festival fans have been waiting long enough. Courting the night with nonstop music, Wanderland creates a hype-worthy atmosphere that can make you one with the crowd so you'll be ready to let yourself drown in tunes from different genres.

This year’s theme is Pixels. Inspired by 8-bit retro games, the music festival is ready to level things up, and with the most diverse lineup to date, it's off to a good start. From the usual pop, rock, and acoustic, it’s added some hip-hop and dance DJs too.

Music fests are a great way to catch all your favorite artists play at one event, but it’s also an avenue to discover new artists who can give you a bad case of post-festival blues. You have a few more hours until these songs are played live, and it’s not too late to convert you into fans. Listen and learn!

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1) “I Like Me Better” by Lauv

On this track, Lauv sings about vulnerability, but does so in a loving manner. The lyrics are accompanied by an infectious beat. So are the rest of his love songs, which aren’t at all cheesy, btw.

Also listen to: “Reforget,” “Adrenaline”

2) “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is the type of artist who takes it slow and makes you swoon, ultimately creating a serene mood. This crooner has got a husky voice that recalls the masters of yesteryear. 

Also listen to: “Japanese Denim,” “Hold Me Down”

3) “All I Want” by Kodaline

This Irish band is capable of making you feel things you probably would want to forget. But, heck, you’ll be at a music fest, you can sing about lost love as loud as you want.

Also listen to: “Love Like This,” “High Hopes”

4) “Better Give You Up” by FKJ

FKJ has an endless discography of catchy tunes and upbeat electronic tracks, and one thing’s for sure—he makes you want to move. 

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Also listen to: “Skyline,” “Tadow”

5) “While We’re Young” by Jhéne Aiko

The ultimate youth anthem with dreamy beats that’s perfect to play while you’re on the beach.

Also listen to: “The Worst,” “Sativa”

6) “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders 

Bag Raiders orchestrates surprisingly magnetic techno beats that aren’t too heavy on the bass. Doesn’t its retro funk just make you want to do the shuffle?

Also listen to: “So Demanding,” “Checkmate”


7) “Better Days” by Quest

It’s time Quest went past his fan-favorite senti song “Walang Hanggan,” because this dude also sings the most feel good, positive tracks you need to hear.

Also listen to: “Tagay,” “Sige Lang”

8) “Wait” by Jess Connelly

To put it simply, hearing Jess Connelly live is like getting serenaded by an otherworldly siren.

Also listen to: “Turn Me Down,” “Under Blankets”

9) “Maybe The Night” by Ben&Ben

If it’s not the vocals that will convert you into a fan, it’s Ben&Ben’s rustic slick of acoustic strings that will lure you in.

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Also listen to: “Kathang Isip,” “Ride Home”

10) “Where Have You Been, My Disco?” by IV of Spades

This local act is bringing back the suave of the ‘60s through their music and fashion—that we’re totally digging.

Also listen to: “Hey Barbara,” “Mundo”

11) “Mobius” by Asch

Keep your eyes peeled for this rap and hip-hop group that’s already doing wonders with their electronic beats.

Also listen to: “Ashes to Ashes,” “Some Kind Of Magic”

12) “San Junipero” by Carousel Casualties

Yes, this song references the Black Mirror episode with the same title. Carousel Casualties is also this year’s breakout Wanderband, and this song proves exactly why they belong on the festival stage.

Also listen to: “She’s A Mystery,” “Leona”

13) “El Poder” by Basically Saturday Night 

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Pairing unconventional math-rock with the idyllic wisp of classic rock-and-roll vocals, Saturday Night's compositions all have hypnotizing stanzas with mood transitions that you’ll never see coming.

Also listen to: “Chemical Love,” “Takipsilim”

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