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WATCH: Mikey Bustos Sings About Being A Filipino In This Hilarious Video

This one definitely hits the spot
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 4, 2016
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YouTube star Mikey Bustos has once again showed his incredible music parodying skills in his latest viral video which details the Filipinos' unique traits to the tune of Meghan Trainor’s “No.”

The video starts with actress Natalia Moon asking Bustos his nationality. Moon tries her best to figure it out, but fails.

Bustos then explains, through a song, how to know if someone is a Filipino. In his typical zany rendition, he schools Moon on how Filipinos generally have broad noses and slanted eye slopes, eat with rice, and point direction with our lips, and so much more.


He also mentioned Filipinos' fondness for using a tabo while taking a bath, eating with our hands, removing shoes upon entering someone’s house, and saying "po" and "opo".

As of writing, the video has already garnered 10 million views. You’ll definitely roll on the floor laughing after watching it. Look:

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