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We Now Know What A 'Cannoli' Is Thanks To Weezer's New Music Video

Apparently, it's a kind of pastry.
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 27, 2015
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Remember Weezer?

They're the band that wouldn't stop talking about their hash pipe, taught us how to destroy a sweater, but are probably most famous for that "Say It Ain't So" song. 

Well, they're back with a new song. And they've got a new music video to go along with it.

It's called "Thank God For Girls," which is coincidentally a phrase we shout here at FHM HQ at the end of every day because, thank God for girls, we'd be jobless without them. 

In Weezer's case, they're thanking God for girls because girls apparently make the best cannoli. Now, don't you worry if you don't know what a cannoli is. We had to Google it, too, and found out that it's a kind of Sicilian pastry, which, translated in English, means "little tube." 

The music video makes it look like the best thing on Earth ever: 

And that, our friends, is your daily dose of weird!

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Is it a good song? We guess! We don't even know what the song is really about. It's so avant-garde!

What we do know is that it's time to put your money on cannoli stocks. That sweet thing's market value is about to skyrocket.

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