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We Were There: Explosions In The Sky Live In Manila

A night of post-rock awesomeness where wordless music reigned supreme
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 4, 2013
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Kicking off with the aptly-named song “First Breath After Coma,” Explosions in the Sky’s concert last October 30 in SM Aura was an experience that would wake you up from the usual concert grind. If you're a fan of good music—rock, post-rock, pre-rock or whatever—the truth is Explosions in the Sky was just magic.

While watching an instrumental band might not sound as intense as Coldplay or something with emotionally charged lyrics, the concert hit the spot just the same. If you’ve ever felt like you need a soundtrack to your life–and not merely a simple song playlist that you spent all night curating, but an actual, moving soundtrack that really hung over your head–then you missed out on such a chance if you weren't there last Wednesday.

                                                            There was a lot of feels going on that night

Lucky us, we were there. Because of that, we can confirm that EITS does play those epic instrumental bits that make Hollywood flicks extra dramatic in a sweeping, body-lifting manner. While some bands disappoint when they play live, EITS has the kind of live performance that really makes for a more intense experience. Theirs is the kind of music that's better heard live than through any high-end stereo system you could buy.

Of course, with them being the first big post-rock outfit to visit our shores, we didn’t really know what to expect aside from lots of guitar magic. What we encountered though was a concert that surprisingly felt like the good old days of Club Dredd and Mayric's. (You know, when watching bands were an intimate experience, not an ear-splitting, you'll-like-the-gimmicks-more-than-the-music encounters.)

Below are some of our reasons why we say as much:

1) It was up close and personal

   Though lyric-less, their movements on stage was powerful. Just check out guitarist Michael James above

Before mega-shows in MOA Arena became the norm, we used to watch music in smaller bars or venues that let us get close enough to catch the sweat off the performers’ faces on our own faces. It was just like that in Aura’s fancy Samsung Hall if you bought a (not so expensive!) ticket to the standing area. When was the last time you got close to an act without tons of bouncers and fences in the way (and spending an insane amount of money)?

2) The band was “boring” to take pictures of

Hold on. We mean this in the best way possible. Look at this picture:

Notice the lack of smartphones/tablets/cameras in the air? We can forgive trigger-happy photogs if it had been Rihanna or something twerking half-naked on stage, but we were glad to see the crowd actually watch the band rather than attempt to record every millisecond of it on their gadgets!

NEXT: Did this band say anything in Filipino as most international bands are wont to do? The answer, on the next page!

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Photos by Paul Mondok
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