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Playlist Upgrade: OPM Musicians Tell Us What They Listen To When Traveling

Essential travel songs according to the music makers themselves!
by Camille Banzon | Apr 8, 2015
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Along with palm tree-printed garb, cold drinks, and pockets of sunshine, a refreshing playlist is the best companion to bring to this season’s multiple getaways.

On your iPod/smartphone, you probably have a playlist called “road trip,” another one named “sunset sessions,” and maybe something you coined as “airport hits.” But here we have the best summer playlist you’ll ever listen to: a set curated by our favorite Pinoy music makers themselves.

In this edition of FHM's Playlist Upgrade, we asked OPM musicians to give us their ultimate travel songs—the tunes they listen to while wandering off—and share whatever sort of #feels they have for these songs. Put on your headphones or turn your speakers on full blast, and let's go on a glistening musical journey!

Jason Caballa (Guitars: Pedicab, Twisted Halo) – “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem

Video via URBeTV

“A few years ago, we were on our way to Baguio for a gig and our driver was falling asleep at the wheel. At one point Diego Mapa (our singer) volunteered to drive so that our driver could nap, and he started playing this particular song to psyche himself up for the task. There's something hopeful about the song's relentless groove and the lyrics: 'If I could see all my friends tonight.' In a way, it saved our lives.”

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EO Marcos (Drums: Kjwan, Salamin) – “Talkin’ to You” by Mabanua

Video via origami PRODUCTIONS

“When I first heard that song, saktong summer ‘yun and it was around the time I was going through a break up. That song just gave me a lot of good vibes because, if you hear it, it's such a 'feel good' song. When I travel or when I’m in transit, it just makes me look forward to the whole trip. It preps me up for the good vibes. I can't stress it enough, pampa-good vibes talaga ‘yung song para sa’kin.”

Nix Damn P (DJ: Motherbasss) “Spottie Ottie Dopalicious” by Outkast

Video via FiveAnimalsMedia

“I can play it from start to end the whole day on repeat. On repeat.”

Roxy Modesto (Saxophone: Radioactive Sago Project, The Blue Rats, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas, AMP Big Band, Corporate LoFi) – “Rock Baby” by Tower of Power

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Video via zxtrated

“It’s just groovy! It’s a consistent track I usually put on to get pumped about new experiences. [I listened to this] particularly for this trip to the recent Java Jazz Festival. I needed to boost my confidence so I could rock with jazz stars!”

Diego Mapa (Vocals and synths: Tarsius, Cambio, Pedicab, The Diegos, Monsterbot) – “Heat Wave” by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas

Video via TheOldrecordclub

“It’s a nice soundtrack while on the road, to the beach, or even going up to the mountains. It's even good when you're already there and start to drink or enjoy your room. It just sets a happy, positive mood.”

Johan Lugtu (Guitars and vocals: The Chongkeys) – “Amber” by 311

Video via Buckets09

Kapag long drive, natataon lagi ‘Amber’ of 311. Lagi naka-random sa playlist ko sa auto, hindi nawawala lagi ‘yun. Hindi ko naman ma-skip kasi nakaka-relax naman talaga. Intro pa lang nakawawala na ng init ng ulo sa malupit na trapik. Tapos sasabayan mo na rin ‘yung chorus.”

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Reli De Vera (Drums: Sinosikat, Spy, Biologic) – “Seven Days” by Sting

Video via StingVEVO

“I could listen to Sting's 'Seven Days' on repeat! This track fills dull parts of a trip with another trip—to Sting's peculiarity! I’m a big fan of Sting and Vinnie Colaiuta before, and for me they made this song unique because of the time signature. I love the melodies and the metaphor of the lyrics. It’s the ultimate kinda-love song. I bet it would make every happening feel good."

Abs Haw (Vocals: Chocolate Grass, Nuovul) – “Take Me Higher” by Fertile Ground

Video via Marnik Narchel

“I love listening to this song in transit because going to places makes me excited and this song makes me chill. It makes me feel like I’m being lifted up from life and onto another realm.”

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