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The Top 11 Trends At The 7107 Music Fest!

The 7107 International Music Festival was a success. Here's what got us talking!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 24, 2014
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No one who stepped foot at the 7107 International Music Festival could say that this concert didn't crush it.

It was a loud, explosive, wild spectacle with lots of pretty women and fantastic, ultra-talented musicians that played loud, played on time, and got the massive crowd jumping.

With international headliners Kendrick Lamar, Empire of the Sun, and Red Hot Chili Peppers in tow, was 7107 all worth it? The answer: a resounding Y-E-S!

Somehow the 7107 guys pulled it off, which made for an epic weekend filled with booze and other substances such as sunscreen lotion, mineral water, and energy drinks. Akala niyo drugs noh?!

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We were there to catch the spectacle, and using our bionic falcon eyes, we spotted the eleven biggest trends this weekend. Here they are:

1) Handstands

That's RHCP's Flea, and he's one of the most legendary bassists in the history of rock. He has aquamarine hair, pink pants, and a propensity to do handstands!

Kaya ba ng lolo niyo yan?

2) Guys in sando

These are FHM guys (L-R) Gelo, Ronjay, Anton, and Engelheart (yes, that's his real name). Unfortunately, Engelheart didn't get the memo that we were supposed to come in our tank tops that day like all the other man-kids in the venue.

Clearly, we don't have the most prominent limb musculature (that's biceps for you, Mr. Layman) but we do have an abundance of armpit hair, which for the sake of your eyeballs, will not be shown in this article.

3) Girls in crop tops

Is it cropped tops or is it crop tops? We don't know but given the absurd percentage of the lady folk that put on those bitin shirts, we are officially going to announce here that the crop top is the new pekpek shorts. Legs are so 2012.

It's time for the pusod to shine.

Or as FHM's resident girl, Mich Lagdameo, would have it:

Our prediction for the next festival: fanny packs.

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