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7 Of The Best Songs Performed/Produced By An Eraserhead In The 2000s

Ely, Raimund, Marcus, and Buddy were busting out imitable tracks even after their split
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 27, 2017
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It's been almost a decade since the Eraserheads last shared the same stage, and the band's followers are still clamoring for a proper reunion.

While that won't happen any time soon (due to contract issues), Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Marcus Adoro, and Buddy Zabala have been the gifts that keep on giving, albeit separately. Once in a while, two members will bump into each other and perform a couple of songs—but not all.

Apparently, minding their own business can be rewarding in an artistic sense. Most of them not only perform, but now also produce hits: Buddy often co-produces with Raimund, while Ely co-founded Offshore Music.

Because we here at are feeling a wee nostalgic, FHM tries to create the quintessential playlist of the Fab Four's best individual work outside Eraserheads. Did your favorite make the cut?

'Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder)' - Apartel

Ely is officially the King of Reinvention. After dabbling in experimental rock and blues, the 'Heads singer is now fronting a R&B/soul outfit, complete with a brass section. The crooning and dapper outfits are pretty impressive, btw.

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'Dito Tayo Sa Dilim' - Pedicab

Taking a backseat to fellow musical virtuosos in a dance-punk group is the perfect example of why Raimund is called the country's busiest musician. Pedicab writes about the most inane things—your cat, public transport, etc.—and still finds the right beats to make listeners dance their asses off.

'Ikot' - Oktaves

This was Ely's idea of pure, unadulterated rock and roll: juggling rhythms, guitar and vocal work with Chris Padilla (Hilera) and Nitoy Adriano (The Jerks). Plus, this gives us another reason to share a video that features the smoking Ellen Adarna.


'Rakenrol' - Markus Highway

Out of the self-written Eheads offshoots, Surfernando's was probably the closest to their earlier material in terms of carefree lyrics and melody. Marcus penned the least tracks for the local Fab Four, so maybe he was making up for lost time as a solo artist.

'Migraine' - Moonstar88

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He wasn't a member of the band when this ultra-popular love song was released, but he produced the album (Todo Combo) it was included in. Just like when he was playing bass for The Dawn, Buddy remains low-key, but is still one of the industry's most respected figures.

'Sugod' - Sandwich

The riff-driven rock anthem instantly became a staple for mosh pits in music festivals upon its release in 2006. In a way, "Sugod" marked the moving on phase from ex-vocalist Marc Abaya and the gritty sound that fans grew up listening to.

'Nasaan Ka?' - Pupil

Although this wasn't exactly Pupil's best work, the air of melancholy surrounding the single defined their later releases. Traces of Carbon Stereoxide (Eraserheads' final record) were evident in the group's initial offering, which wasn't all that suprising.


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