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Put Her In A Sensual Mood—Here's Your Updated 2018 Sexytime Playlist

These sultry tunes (that are also sonic delights) will heat up your between-the-sheets action
by Chandra Pepino | Jan 6, 2018
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A new year means new love...and new landi. 2017 might have been sociopolitically tumultuous, but amongst the wreckage, we unearthed a ton of amazing music. It’s hard not to picture a sexy night without the perfect playlist humming softly in the background—not too timid, but never too overpowering either. Time to retire “Let’s Get It On” and “I Wanna Sex You Up,” everybody. Here’s a fresh tracklist for your next hot night. (P.S. Just think about how many people are about to get laid to these same songs. It’s like we’re bound by a blood oath. We are one now!)

For the car ride home

"Get You" - Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis

Set the mood for the rest of the evening by telling your girl, vicariously through Daniel Caesar, that you’re damn lucky to have her (and, erm, what’s “between those thighs”).

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"Under Blankets" - crwn feat. Jess Connelly

This is for when you’re about to park your car and just know the night’s about to take an exciting turn. Plus, it’s virtually impossible to listen to Jess Connelly’s voice without feeling some type of way.

When you're just sensually swapping spit

"Every Kind of Way" - H.E.R.

The first few seconds of that first kiss are crucial, so going ultra-romantic is your best bet. Gabi Wilson’s gotchu, fam.

"Will He" - Joji

Fresh off his latest album In Tongues, Joji camouflages jealousy with lust, perfect for when your hands begin to work their way down (just try not to think of Pinkguy, Joji’s previous stage name, in that neon pink condom suit).

When it gets (super) hot and heavy

"Child’s Play" - SZA feat. Chance the Rapper

Here’s the ultimate ruined-your-childhood song: SZA shatters your '90s-kids-only emotional associations as she makes sex metaphor after sex metaphor in this trippy track.

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"Heebeejeebies" - Aminé feat. Kehlani

Just before all your clothes come off, this sleeper hit keeps things light and playful. Who knew that the iconic catchphrase from Scooby-Doo could be so sexy?


When you’re getting some good head...

"Homemade Dynamite" - Lorde

(Play the version without Khalid et al.) Come on, this was an obvious choice—just look at that title.

...and when you’re returning the favor

"Kiss It Better" - Rihanna

What better way to make your girl feel like she’s in total control than to hear Rihanna sing “What are you willing to do?” over and over again as you take her to her happy place?

For the main event

"LOVE." - Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari

Start things off slow and sensual with emotional verses from KDot, anchored by a solid hook from Zacari, whose vocals are the sonic equivalent of dripping honey.

"Sativa" - Jhene Aiko feat. Swae Lee

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Such is the duality of Jhene Aiko—she manages to sound like a sweet little baby girl, but then goes ahead and purrs lines like “gotta eat the booty like groceries” (and in this song, “I lasted ten rounds like a freak”)...perfect for awakening your girl’s sexier side.

"Told You So" - Miguel

Build up to those crucial few seconds before her (and your) orgasm with this funk cut from Miguel. It’s the right amount of dance without being too overpowering.

For the Aftersex Cooldown

"Best Part" - H.E.R.

Cuddle up and fall asleep to a captivating guitar intro and Gabi’s barely-there vocals. Her hook says it all: if life were a movie, the after-sex high is undoubtedly the best part.


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