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Your Indie OPM MOMOL Playlist

The sexiest songs of the local music scene
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 3, 2016
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Ready those sheets, dim the lights, touch every inch. Savor the flavor as she breathes heavily. Your hands. This woman.

Stop. Let's rewind the scene. You know what will make this more exciting? Some music. No, we don't mean "Crash Into Me," "Your Body Is A Wonderland," "Nice And Slow," and all the other usual make-out make-out lang or MOMOL songs. We present you something racier to get yourself in the mood.


Sizzle your quality time with this selection of sexy songs from the local music scene. Volume up and buckle up for one eargasmic ride.


Linger on these lines:

You got little bit of sex in you
And that's all I wanna do
Girl, you're all I wanna do
Playing harmonies on your skin
Ooh, your silk-like hips
Those conscious lips as sexy as can be

'I Feel Like I'm On Drugs'
The Strange Creatures

Linger on these lines:

My head won’t stop spinning
Pupils dilating
Step inside of my spaceship
And give me a head trip

'Lights Out'
Conscious & The Goodness

Linger on these lines:

I hum into your ear intelligible purring sounds
You sleeping? Shallow breathing
I lick your lobe quite playfully, sorry, did I excite?

'Baby I Love You So'
Ourselves the Elves

Linger on these lines:

Baby I love you so
I'll never let you go
I'll give you everything
Darling you can have it all

'Slow' (Tandem '91 Remix)
Jensen and The Flips

Linger on these lines:

Touch me as I kiss your lips
You know I like it like that
Come on make me feel that heat
Let's make this thing worth while

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'Under Blankets'
CRWN feat. Jessica Connelly

Linger on these lines:

Leave the lights on in this hotel room
Staying longer, all my plans for you
Let’s just stay here 'til the afternoon
Under blankets all alone with you



Linger on these lines:

(none, as this delightful instrumental is enough)

Hana Acbd

Linger on these lines:

If you want me
Baby come and get me
Take me love me please pursue me
We are on this bed but
Our clothes are right there
Promise you'll be careful
I'll do good i swear

Earl of Manila

Linger on these lines:

Girl let's take this a little bit higher
There's a lot of this that we need to discover
You already know what I'm about to do
So baby relax and let me guide you through
Until we both are on the floor

'Love Supreme'

Linger on these lines:

She said, "Hold me, this love is true"
Held her closer. She'd want me to
Closer and deeper then we both knew
Wasted... tainted... is not what it should


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