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Zeitgeist by The Smashing Pumpkins

Though there's only one pumpkin left<br />
| Nov 20, 2007
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To be clear, this is Smashing Pumpkins (without the ‘the’ again) minus James Iha and D’Arcy but is still Smashing Pumpkins because Billy Corgan is still running the show—as he always has—and his onetime wayward drummer Jimmy Chamberlin is sitting out back on the stool as well. In the face of the other great Pumpkins albums, Zeitgeist is in danger of swiftly becoming irrelevant, yet you can easily concede that Billy is strictly playing by his own rules now. Every abrasive song in the album is the buzz and crackle he hears in his head, and only in his head. There’s a pervading sense of apocalypse in Zeitgeist, so it doesn’t look like this album was meant to be beautiful in any way.
- Lou E. Albano


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