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The future is looking bright for these young, talented musicians
Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of what’ll happen during their concert with Cynthia Alexander
Before ‘hugot’ was even a thing, the band was already breaking (and mending) our hearts with poetic lyrics
These sultry tunes (that are also sonic delights) will heat up your between-the-sheets action
They launched—what they announced would be—their last album
Filipino music video directors had us abusing the repeat button—proof that the format is here to stay no matter what
Get your ears ready for a sonic feast
Ely, Raimund, Marcus, and Buddy were busting out imitable tracks even after their split
Here’s something for this cold, December evening
Their unique sound stems from an eclectic mix of histories and influences
Prepare yourself for some extra cheese (and their Manila concert)
Over the weekend, the love rockers made their comeback official
It has been streamed worldwide over a billion times
Catch him live at Chaos Nightclub on December 8
Just when you thought the ballad couldn't get any more, well, perfect
Musicians and fans unite for a night of music and social awareness
'Imperial' is an excellent album—funereal yet reassuring
The local music scene was rocked yesterday after a Twitter thread exposed the alleged sexual misconduct of some indie musicians
Like a generation-defining rock and roll ballad, legends like Pepe Smith don't come around very often
His new album, 'Humanidad', draws from universal themes of this crazy ride we call life