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10 Ads To Get You Pumped Up For The 2016 Summer Olympics

T'is the season for spreading Olympic cheer
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Aug 4, 2016
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Some of us were born to be Olympians. Many others were simply born to watch. And even more of us were born to watch the ads. On August 6 (Manila time), the world will pretty much get lit like the 2016 Olympic flame in Rio as we cheer for the world’s best athletes.

But have you seen the many different commercials from the event and athlete sponsors? They’re pretty awesome. Marketing aside, these clips will surely get you primed for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics!

1) P&G Salutes Motherly Love Tribute

Here’s a little something for any athlete’s biggest cheerleader. P&G sure knows how to please and thank their top consumers! No athlete would make it to the Olympics if there wasn’t one steadfast supporter to back them, and usually that’s mom.

2) Visa Spreads Carpool Cheer

It looks like Visa is also good at something other than taking our money. This campy ad shows a van full of millennial athletes on their way to Rio, having no qualms whatsoever about matters of border and immigration because, well, Visa works everywhere. Morgan Freeman’s voiceover in the end really makes this legit.

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3) Nike Toasts Rio 2016

Nike definitely took their Olympic slogan “Tomorrow Starts Now” to heart when they released this Rio Olympics Team Brazil promo in 2014!

4) Samsung's "The Chant" Applauds South Sudan

Samsung almost nailed this hypnotic short that introduces South Sudan’s first Olympic athlete, Margret Rumat Hassan. The product emphasis on the end had us going "meh" but only because the preceding feature was amazing.



5) Chobani Sponsors Marlen Espanza

In true Greek tradition, Chobani and their yummy line of Greek yogurt are sponsoring several Team USA athletes. Among them are decathlete Ashton Eaton and wrestler Jordan Burroughs. But the star of this ad is boxer is Marlen Espanza who, like many women, have to overcome the adversities that come with being in a predominantly male sport.

6) Gilette Hypnotizes With the Venus Swirl

We can’t get enough of Women’s Gymnastics! This Gillette ad not only reminds us to shave, but also that the human body can do many wonderful things especially when captured in bullet time.

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7) Coca-Cola Goes For Gold

Gold, insists Coca-Cola, is a feeling that anyone can taste.

8) Under Armour Rules With Michael Phelps

This chilling piece actually made the bemedalled human dolphin himself tear up. This Olympic season will be Phelps’ last, and Under Armour does good by him in this amazing ad which reminds us that people named Michael probably make the best athletes (Jordan, Johnson, Tyson).

9) Team Canada Turns to the Power of Ice

Of course, Team Canada will not let their proximity to the ice caps become a summer Olympic disadvantage. In fact, they harness the power of ice to fuel their quest for glory, however that works. Maybe science will catch up one day, but Team Canada is in pretty damn good shape.

10) BBC Sport’s 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Promo

BBC’s trailer of the 2016 is an animated masterpiece in which we see a three-toed sloth doing a bar routine in the rainforest. A sloth!

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