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10 Preseason Highlights To Get You Hyped For The 2016-17 NBA Season

Two words: Joel Embiid
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 5, 2016
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Exactly 20 days before the 2016-17 NBA season starts, and here we are, craving for some basketball action.

Good thing the Association has sort of kicked things off already with the preseason festivities, headlined by the league's newcomers and some old faces.

Who has failed to impress, so far? Who has given us enough reason to get excited for the upcoming basketball year?

FHM compiles the Top 10 best plays to give you an idea on which players are worth following:

Finally, Embiid happened to Philly

The Philadelphia faithful will have at least a reason to celebrate this time around with how the third overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft looked like in his first time suiting up for the 76ers.

Remember Jaylen Brown's name

The University of California standout, playing with the biggest chip on his shoulder among rookies, showed flashes of his superstar potential in the Boston Celtics' loss against the Sixers.

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A different kind of Curry

For those sick and tired of Stephen Curry's dazzling displays, his younger brother Seth offers another sweet-shooting star in the making.

Can we make a request?

NBA D-League high flyer DJ Stephens looks to bring his aerial artistry to the pros...guaranteed he makes the Memphis Grizzlies roster.

Spell high-octane backcourt

This man's jam proves that new acquisition Victor Oladipo is more than ready to be the Robin to Westbrook's Batman.

Try and stop them

With all the hate comes all the highlights. Just when you thought the Dubs are done breaking [scoring] records, the revamped squad drubs their Western Conference rivals by 53 at one point.

What did the rims ever do to him?

Expect Russell Westbrook to take it out on the ring this as the newly christened alpha dog of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Just one KD poster, pleeeease?

DeMarcus with the D

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The Sacramento Kings franchise player seemed to have heard head coach Dave Joerger's willingness to bench him if he doesn't commit on the defensive end.

All hail the Porzingod

We're officially seeing the second coming of Dirk Nowitzki.

Whatever happened to Jimmermania?

We still can't believe that there had been no available NBA roster spot for this kind of talent in those five years.


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