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UFC Featherweight Champ Conor McGregor Spars With 'The Mountain' From Game Of Thrones

Is this the video Conor's haters have been waiting for?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 4, 2015
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"The Mountain" (real name: Hafthor Bjornsson) is a 6'9", 400-pound giant known for crushing skulls and decapitating horses in Game Of Thrones, and for breaking 1,000-year-old weightlifting records in real life. 

Conor McGregor is a loud-talking featherweight star in the UFC whose MMA record features 16 knockouts in 18 victories. 

Simply put, they are both tough men. 

They are, however, not in the same weight division. McGregor weighs a relatively paltry 145 pounds and only stands 5'8" tall. Bjornsson outsizes the UFC champ by more than a foot. Weight-wise, Hafthor is equivalent to nearly three Conor McGregors.

Those discrepancies, though, didn't stop the two from sparring. A clip uploaded on October 31 by "TheMacLife Productions" showed the two getting it on: 

Conor looks pretty serious, and gets in a few good hits to The Mountain's midsection. At the 2:42 mark, he was even able to pull off five punches in succession with little retaliation from the big man. McGregor used his speed to great advantage, and made Bjornsson look like an elephant being circled by a hungry but supremely cautious lion. When Bjornsson did close in on McGregor, it did look as if the former would be able to crush his little opponent easily. 

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Fortunately for McGregor, The Mountain wasn't too interested in channeling his inner Gregor Clegane.

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