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2017's Grossest And Most Shocking Sports Injuries

Do you really want to witness these stomach-turning accidents?
by Raul Maningat | Dec 24, 2017
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There's one thing about sports that really sucks—injuries. It just comes with the territory. But ironically, the more terrible the injury, the more an audience wants to see how it came about. So in light of this musing, we've searched the internet to collect 10 of the year's most shocking sports injuries. We hope this countdown serves as a reminder to our athletic friends to always be cautious (and provides entertainment for our sick-minded friends as well).

WARNING: Read the blurbs first and see if you really want to click on the stomach-turning visuals.

10. UFC - Jose Aldo, swollen face (December 3)

Warming things up is Jose Aldo's facial reconfiguration during UFC 218. His opponent, featherweight king Max Holloway, zeroed in on his noggin with sledgehammers, rendering him unrecognizable soon after. He entered the fight nicknamed Scarface, he left it looking like Quasimodo. 

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9. MLB - Johan Camargo, bone bruise on right knee (August 8)

Next is an injury shocking for how it was sustained rather than how bad it actually was. Atlanta Braves rookie shortstop Johan Camargo was jogging onto the field to start their game against the Phillies when he suddenly fell and writhed in pain. The culprit: his ACL had suddenly snapped out of nowhere. Luckily, he was placed on the disabled list with just a bone bruise on his right knee.

The only thing worse than a bruised knee is a bruised ego.

8. Boxing - British fighter Stephen Smith, ripped ear (December 10)

It looked like some psycho took a pair of scissors and tried to cut his ear off or he and a pit bull had a heated argument. That's how bad things got for Liverpudlian boxer Stephen Smith and his left ear that was barely holding on after nine rounds and a clash of heads with former champ Francisco Vargas. Smith lost the fight on the scorecards but at least he didn't lose his ear. He lost parts of it and a lot of blood, but the ear hung on long enough for it to get stitched back in place.

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7. NFL - Odell Beckham, Jr., fractured left ankle (October 8)

In a game against the L.A. Chargers, New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. went for a catch and landed with his left leg bending away from his body. By the time he was on the ground, his ankle looked like it was making a less-than sign (>). The injury required surgery and may require him to alter his playing style forever. Guess "bend it like Beckham" now has a whole new meaning.

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6. MMA - Indonesian fighter Ferdin, broken right leg (April 29)

In Indonesia's One Pride MMA, mononymous local fighter Ferdin had his right leg hanging loose, seemingly cut in half from the inside after kicking his adversary, Ardi R Manurung, on the hip. The way the leg went limp was reminiscent of Anderson Silva's leg break in his rematch with Chris Weidman. But to Ferdin's credit, he remained composed amid the hellish pain. He even tried to talk Manurung out of punching him while being mounted before notifying the referee of what had just happened. 


5. MMA - Matt Mckeon, broken left arm (October 23)

In an MMA card called Xtreme Fight Night in Oklahoma, UFC veteran Gerald Harris fought his farewell bout against trash talker Matt Mckeon. Taunting Harris about his moniker "Slam King" and throwing in b*tch somewhere in between was the beginning of the end for Mckeon. The Slam King responded by slamming down his loudmouth foe, who foolishly tried to break his fall with his left hand. Remember Ferdin and Silva's leg injury? Well, Mckeon suffered the arm version of it for his troubles. He immediately used his right hand to tap out.

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4. NFL - Ryan Shazier, spine contusion (December 4)

Tackling Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone headfirst proved to be too costly for Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier. The impact of the hit reverberated from the skull down to his back, which damaged his spine. Immobile from the waist down, he had to be carried off the field in a stretcher. He was done for the season and might have lost his career despite a successful surgery. 

3. NBA - Gordon Hayward, dislocated left ankle, fractured tibia (October 17)

The 2017-18 NBA season opened up with the LeBron's Cavs hosting Kyrie's Celtics. Unfortunately, it also opened up with Boston star forward Gordon Hayward suffering a horrible injury. Just five minutes into the game, a botched alley-oop play caused Hayward to land awkwardly, twisting his left leg and ankle in the process. The entire energy inside the arena was sucked out when everyone saw Gordon's leg looking like a kid's action figure that got dismantled and put back together, only the limbs were attached wrongly, legs interchanged, facing all sorts of direction.

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He's now out of his walking boot, by the way. Great news.

2. Pro wrestling - Lady Mexican wrestler Goya Kong, broken right leg (Dec. 15)

To those who'll say this entry isn't qualified because pro wrestling is not a real sport, we've got one smart-ass and one legit rebutall for you. First, pro wrestling belongs to a genre called sports entertainment. Keyword: sports. Second, pro wrestlers are among the world's top athletes. Now onto the injury. In a Lucha Libre AA Worldwide match, plus-size lady wrestler Goya Kong jumped from the top of the ring as she aimed to knock down three opponents, when she landed, her right leg broke and and instantly hung sideways opposite her body. Of all the broken legs on this list, this will make you cringe the most.

According to her social media acconuts, Goya King is in the initial stages of recovery and she's doing good.

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1. NFL - Zach Miller, dislocated left knee with arterial damage (November 20)

It looked like it was a great play. Bears tight end Zach Miller outhustled the Saints defense, went airborne, and caught a touchdown pass. But that wasn't the end of it. The touchdown was reversed, and much worse, Miller's left knee also gave out as he landed, propelling his leg to turn 180 degrees or so. You could just feel all types of knee arteries popping while watching it. It looked a lot like what happened to Warriors guard Shaun Livingston ten years ago when he was still with the Clippers. And like Livingston, Miller was told by the doctors that they might need to amputate his leg. Thank God, they didn't resort to that. Miller's leg was saved and he can now walk gingerly without crutches. Zach Miller is the real-life Wolverine.



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