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3 Good Reasons Why Electrolytes are Awesome

<p>No it will not electrocute you, jackass</p>
| Apr 7, 2010
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We all have heard about the benefits of having that daily dose of H2O; 8 tall glasses of the purest kind to be precise. Heck, it doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to know that the key to good health is drinking plenty of water everyday. [firstpara] Here’s another reason to gulp down a glass every now and then: electrolytes.

Electrolytes are substances present in the human body that conducts electricity by becoming ions in solution. They are responsible for the normal body function of our cells and organs.

But the emergence of tap water has kind of jeopardized the purity of electrolytes that flows within our system, which explains why varieties of purified water has been the trend as of late, from sports drinks to enhanced water.

Here are 3 simple yet factual reasons why electrolytes are awesome for our body. Read on and score another point for team H2O!

REASON #1:  Electrolytes help our nerves and muscles

Doctors did indicate that electrolytes are essential in maintaining voltages across our cell membranes, carrying electrical impulses such as nerve impulses and muscle contractions across the other cells in our body.

They are of course especially pertaining to the most vital cells in our body, mainly the nerve, the heart, and the muscle. Jasper Ong, owner and General Manager of Suncoast Lightwater, states that “our kidneys make every effort to keep the electrolyte concentrations in our blood constant despite changes in the body”.

That is, most often after a strenuous exercise and a major case of sweating. Electrolytes are lost when we sweat, thus the need for replacement to keep the concentrations constant. This is where popular sports drinks come to play.

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