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5 Intense Highlights Of The Mayweather-McGregor Face-Off

The two fighters were showboating during their first press conference together
by Andrei Medina | Jul 12, 2017
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The first meeting between undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and MMA superstar Conor McGregor lived up to the hype after both fighters traded jabs—albeit verbally—much to the delight of the fans present during their joint press conference held in Los Angeles.

Things quickly got tense between the egocentric champions as the pair engaged in a night of trash-talking ahead of their upcoming megabout scheduled on August 26. Here are 5 highlights during the heated event:

1) First face-off

Fans witnessed a sporting spectacle after Floyd and Conor finally faced off with each other as the five-division world champion went onstage. This triggered the UFC champ to start taunting his foe while Mayweather was noticeably silent and composed as McGregor went at him with his usual presscon shenanigans.

2) McGregor draws first blood

We all know Conor has a reputation for pulling off some crazy stunts during press conferences so this isn’t really something unexpected. The trash-talking Irishman started hitting Floyd by taunting his foe’s hoodie, smaller physique, and the rules of their boxing match, which he said amused him.

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His biggest boast? “I’m going to knock him inside four rounds, mark my words… If this was a true fight it wouldn’t even take one round,” Conor said.


3) Mayweather counters

Floyd wasn’t taking things sitting down as he hit back at Conor with his own classic trash-talking reminiscent of his “Pretty Boy” days, where he promised to knock out his opponent. “At august 26 I’m going to knock this bitch out too,” Floyd said.

Floyd also reminded Conor of their gap in terms of pay grades after he flaunted a $100 million check. “Let me show you motherfuckers what a hundred million fighter looks like. Still got a hundred million and I ain’t even touched this shit."

4) Epic staredown

The much-awaited stare down between the two wasn’t a letdown as both fighters kept barking at each other for a good three minutes before they were separated. Most of what they said was inaudible, but you could see that they were really going at it for a while there.

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5) Mayweather’s last hurrah

Well, it looks like Floyd is hanging up his gloves for good this time. “This is my last hurrah. Training camp has been so grueling, I can’t do it anymore. With a couple of years off, I didn’t want to fight but it’s here now and I had to go out there and to what I had to do,” he said.


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