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5 NBA Trades We'd Like to See!

Let's pretend to be NBA general managers for a day
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 15, 2012
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Short of the NBA Finals and the first day of signing free-agency in the off-season, the most action-packed day of the NBA calendar is the trading deadline, And now that we're less than 24 hours away from what could be a day that re-shapes the landscape of the NBA, we're going to dive in and think of what trades need to be made by some of the more active teams in the league.

The first salvo was already thrown by the Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks. They hammered down a five-player trade with Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson going to the Bay Area and Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Kwame Brown changing addresses to Wisconsin.

Best we remind all of you, these trades aren't necessarily going to go down. Some might not even happen at all. But as fans, we all have our own ideas on what kind of trades we'd like to see. So, here's ours. A big thanks to ESPN's Trade Machine for corroborating our fake trades.

Trade 1: Lakers-Rockets-Celtics three-way

Los Angeles Lakers

Out: Pau Gasol, Jason Kapono, 1st round pick
In: Rajon Rondo, Courtney Lee

Every team gets what they want. The Lakers find their point guard in Rondo and they get a pretty good sixth man in Lee and a bruiser at the 4 with Bass.

Houston Rockets

Out: Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry, Courtney Lee
In: Pau Gasol, Avery Bradley, Jajuan Johnson, Lakers' 1st round pick

The Rockets may have given up more than they wanted, but they do get their man in Gasol, two young players in Bradley and Johnson, and the Lakers' 1st round pick.

Boston Celtics

Out: Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jajuan Johnson
In: Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola, Jason Capon

As for the Celtics, Rondo and all his baggage is now swapped for Kyle Lowry. Plus, they get Scola - one of the most underrated big men in the game - and Kapono, who for the most part, is just an add-on.

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