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5 Types of Personalities You Meet At Basketball Games

A friendly game of hoops can bring together different types of people inside the court
September 12, 2018
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After a long and stressful day at work, nothing brings out excitement among guys than the words, “Tara, basket.” Okay, maybe “May sweldo na!” might give the phrase a run for its money, but we can all agree that a sweaty game of hoops among friends is one awesome way to spend an evening. Everyone, regardless of skill level, brings something to the court.

Let’s talk about the different—and sometimes quirky—personalities we may have met at least once at a basketball game. These make tension-filled games more fun and interesting.

 1.   The “untouchable”

Also the guy who most likely got his parents to enroll him in basketball camp one summer, where he practiced doing crossovers and behind-the-backs 90% of the time he was there. He isn’t exactly a ball hoghe does pass the ball after he feels like he’s displayed enough ball-handling skills. He may be a show-off at times but admit it—you can use someone like him on your team.

2.   The “#1 supporter”

Girls like her are integral to the team as any player because it’s a scientific fact that guys play better when girls are watching. Not only do they provide much needed moral support, but they always seem to have snacks! Everyone knows that a girl’s purse is a gateway to another dimension where she can just pull out bottle after bottle of ice cold hydrating drinks. She's a cheerleader, muse, and water girl—all rolled into one.

3.  The “sneakerhead”

Probably the most excited guy out on the court because he finally gets to exhibit his killer sneaks in their natural environment and take the perfect shoefie for his IG account. That said, he can’t risk his precious pair running around and actually getting rebounds. If he could, he’d get a restraining order for people who guard way too close to him. Want to get on his nerves? Tell him, "Pabinyag nga!"  and step on his new kicks on purpose. 

4. The “bell tower”

No one really likes to force people into roles they aren’t comfortable with, but he’s the only guy who actually stands a chance at jump ball. Height is might, in his case. Sadly, “shooter daw siya nung high school” and it would be such a waste to not make use of his range. If he could only spare a few centimeters of his height and pass them to the rest of the team.

5.  The “announcer”

This guy does a great job of hyping things up by cheering on his teammates whenever they do something well, or for any reason at all. He has a reason for narrating everything that happens in each and every play, giving a blow-by-blow account of every single move. He's also the guy who shouts "Foul!" the loudest even before the assigned referee calls it.

Regardless of what type of personalities we meet on the court, we’re all brothers once we get a hold of that leather. Remember, it's a game, so enjoy it.

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