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6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Run a Triathlon

It's more than just getting a huge workout
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 27, 2013
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reasons why you should join a triathlon

A bit over a week after Valentine's Day next year, Subic will witness an iconic festival filled with sweat, sun-kissed skin, and Pinoys raring to push themselves to their physical limits. Yes, fellas, Challenge Philippines, a big time triathlon event that will challenge our kababayans' endurance, will kick off on February 22, 2014, hopefully paving the way for less flab and beer bellies and more athletic bods!

Organized by the folks over at Challenge Family, Challenge Philippines will feature spectacular triathlon courses that will cut through Subic all the way to Bataan. There will be different types of races, from a community fun run where you can run with your friends, to the full course event that should cater to hardcore and batak runners. Heck, there will even be a kids and junior aquathlon where the really young ones can participate.

reasons why you should join a triathlonThe swimming course; kaya, mga ser?

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And since this is a triathlon event, your biking, running, and swimming skills will be put to the test. Bro tip: It will definitely help if you condition yourself before joining, and by that we mean getting your ass off the couch and doing some basic exercises to make yourself physically ready.

We did say it's a festival, right? Aside from the usual triathlon activities, there will be a slew of other side events, including a pasta and celebration party where you can go tugs tugs to celebrate you're finisher status—that is if you still have the juice to do so.

Of course, the main focus here is still the triathlon, and we understand if some of you are still iffy about joining. We feel you: Hindi siya madali and, chances are, out of shape peeps will be huffing and puffing like a fat cat after a mouse. That's why we've come up with a few awesome reasons why you should run a triathlon. Hit the next page for Reason #1!

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