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A 7th world title for Pacman?

<p>Checking out a few key points, with a fearless forecast to boot!</p>
| Nov 14, 2009
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On November 15, 2009, Manny Pacquiao will attempt to win his seventh world title in seven different divisions. This is a feat that no boxer has ever done before. To do so, he’ll have to face his toughest opponent yet: the defending WBO welterweight champion, the bull-strong Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. [firstpara]
This fight definitely has “Fight of the Year” written all over it. Pacquiao chases immortality, attempting to be the only fighter in the modern era to win a seventh world title, while Cotto hopes to prove he is indeed one of the best fighters of this era. With that, let’s look into the factors that would affect the outcome of this fight.

Hands down, Pacquiao lords it over on these three factors. In terms of speed, Cotto is pretty fast, sure, but Pacquiao is on an entirely different speed level. There is so much freedom in Pacman’s movements, especially with how he moves his hands that Cotto will have to rely on his smarts, instead.

And then there’s stamina, which is the other pride and joy of Pacquiao’s camp. Surely, you must remember how Pacman destroyed Marco Antonio Barrera. That was an eloquent demonstration of his top-class stamina.

A kind of stamina that Cotto does not have. He starts slow, picks up the pace in the middle rounds, but sputters in the end. In his last fight, Cotto decked Clottey with a stiff jab in the very first round. But similar to his fight against Margarito, the Puero Rican slowed down in the late rounds. He didn’t even win in those last rounds, with Clottey doing nothing, handing those wins to him.

Style-wise, the two is on opposing poles. Cotto is a pressure fighter who does nothing fancy, while Pacquiao has successfully turned himself from a one-handed fighter to one who hurts his opponents with both hands. As of now, Pacquiao is clearly the more polished fighter.

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