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A Closer Look at the NBA's Bottom Feeders Pt. 1

Our season's goodbye to Blake, Love, and the teams that held them back
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 19, 2011
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For one NBA season, there are 30 teams that play 82 games in a span of about 7 months. Each team are vying for that one coveted prize, which we don't need to tell you about.
Every start of the season is a level playing field, but that doesn’t stop people from classifying teams as title contenders, playoff contenders, dark horses, and perennial draft players.

Now, with the playoffs off and running, we more or less see how the next two months might pan out - the upsets, the sweeps, the nailbiters. While these teams are getting all the attention, we turn ours to those that won’t see TV time until next season.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Current Record:  17-65
Why You’ve Heard of Them: Kevin Love and the monster 30-30 game

Not much was expected of this team, really. Although they did enjoy some success early in the season, which can be attributed to Darko Milicic’s improved game. No, seriously. The guy was blocking shots left and right and was actually a double-double threat. Then he got injured and became sub-par again.

Kevin Love can score a bunch of points and rebound a lot, but can’t play defense even if his life depended on it. Micheal Beasley and his potential explosiveness was supposed to anchor their offense, but injury and inconsistency plagued him all season.

This has been a one-man show most of the year and the biggest attraction was Kevin Love and his string of 53-straight double-doubles. But games aren’t won by double-doubles. And their record is a tangible testament to that.

David Kahn once assured the fans that they’re building a team that would contend for a championship, and that they just have to be patient as the young guys develop (and for Ricky Rubio to finally decide to come over).

There are occasional bright spots for this team, so he may be on to something there. But unless potential turns to actuality, this team is going to have a permanent seat in the draft lottery room.

Sacramento Kings
Current Record:  24-58
Why You’ve Heard of Them: The unpredictable Demarcus Cousins

Rookie Demarcus Cousins was projected to be a top pick in the last NBA draft; he was believed to be one of the best big men on the draft table. However, the big red flag on his stock was his temper and maturity.

Sacramento took a gamble, and while he would give them some games where he’d fill up the stat sheet, he’d also give them off-court issues for which he gets disciplined. There’s no question about his ability, but his temperament and inconsistency affected the Kings much throughout the season.

It also didn’t help that reigning Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans, their messiah from last season who was expected to deliver this year, either played hurt or was sidelined almost all season.

Not to mention the distraction that comes from the Kings ownership wanting out of Sacramento. This has been a pretty tumultuous year for Sacramento, almost disappointing given the promise Evans and the rest of the crew showed last season. They weren’t expected to do much this year, but they were expected to improve.

Their late-season acquisition of Marcus Thornton from New Orleans seem to show a bit of promise in terms of talent, but that also gave them a logjam at guard, with Evans, Beno Udrih, and a couple of promising young guards in Eugene Jeter and Jermaine Taylor in their roster.

Their roster stands at two-deep for each position, so the offseason should see them trading some of their young assets for more consistent players. Oh, and decide if they want to keep either Evans or Cousins as the face of their franchise, or build on the both of them.

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