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Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort: Who'd You Bet On?

After a year of delays, this epic middleweight bout will finally take place
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 3, 2011
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UFC 126 will take place on Sunday February 6, with a stacked card so heavy each is worthy of headlining their own pay-per-view event.
Getting us pumped up the most is the main event bout between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, with the UFC Middleweight Championship on the line and up for grabs.

Silva is the fighter everyone is gunning for. He's been UFC champion for almost five years now. A man who has swept his division, leaving a line of competitors whom we know will always only be second best to The Spider.

The most loyal of MMA devotees know who Vitor Belfort is, but an introduction anyway: He is a former light heavyweight champion known for owning one of the longest MMA careers in history, having been fighting in the UFC since the mid-90s.

Whether Belfort would dethrone Anderson Silva come fight night is an argument best left to hardcore analysts, but we’re going to try and predict it anyway.

Vitor Belfort
Vitor Belfort’s first round knockout win over Rich Franklin was so long ago that fans just tuning in on this middleweight championship bout would wonder why he’s challenging Anderson Silva for the title in the first place.

Blame it on the injuries, as most wasted potential match-ups do. What could have been a blockbuster rivalry is spoiled by the passing of time and a slew of budding challengers emerging in between.

Middleweights Nate Marquardt and Yushin Okami have since garnered serious contender claims after winning fights over the likes of Mark Munoz and Rousimar Palhares, all while Belfort is sitting on the shelf nursing his wounds from training.

Vitor Belfort however currently owns an impressive five-fight winning streak that goes back to 2006, and that alone makes up for the doubts given to us by his 15-month absence in the octagon.

All but one fight in his current streak quickly ended in a knockout, all in favor of Belfort. Matt Lindland, Ivan Serati, and Rich Franklin all succumbed to the Phenom early on in the first round. 
Case in point: a good 13 out of his 19 career victories were finished in convincing fashion.

Not to discredit Belfort’s credentials: a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, black belt in Judo, and a blue belt in Shotokan, a modified style of Karate. Vitor is also an outstanding boxer, with a cross famous for trumping Wanderlei Silva in a span of 44 seconds back in 1998.

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