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5 Reasons Why Andrew Bynum Should Return To The Lakers

What's the matter with you?
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 6, 2014
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Andrew Bynum, why've you been behaving badly?

The All-Star center, who is currently playing for Cleveland, has been enduring a lot of hate from the Cavaliers organization for allegedly being a disruptive presence within the team. NBA sources even say that Bynum has long expressed a lack of desire to play both in games and in practices.

As a result, the Cavs are now looking to part ways with big boy Andrew, and rumor has it that his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, is interested in bringing him back in exchange for former teammate Pau Gasol.

Boy, Pau just can't catch a break, huh? Kobe agrees:


All things considering, this rumored trade could do both teams a lot of good. Los Angeles could reportedly save $20 million-plus on the deal, while Cleveland sees Gasol (whose contract expires this year) as a rental player for the rest of the season before gunning for bigger names come free agency. Sounds like a win-win, yeah?

The real winner here however, is Bynum. Back when he was in In L.A. nobody thought of his conduct as being detrimental to the team...and below are five instances that prove our claim:

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That one time when Andrew elbowed the handsomeness out of J.J. Barea

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