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This Bag Of Air From Kobe's Final Game Almost Sold For $15,300

Here's another 'milestone' for the Black Mamba
by Mark Coles | Apr 20, 2016
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Countless sports memorabilia have been sold online over the years, but this one might be the best of them all.

Someone who was apparently present at Kobe Bryant’s final game in the NBA thought that it would be funny to sell a container filled with air from the Staples Center.

The online auction was put up over the weekend on eBay and the starting selling price was only $1. It then started to become ridiculous as the price quickly climbed up to $15,300—P705,720.15!—with 44 people placing bids on the ZIP LOCK BAG.


eBay, however, would have none of it and decided to remove the item from their site on Monday, despite the seller’s plan to give away 25 percent of the profit to charity.

Kind of heartless from eBay, but hey, they’ve stopped one unlucky soul from spending $15,300 for a bag of air.


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