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The Bedroom Olympics

She couldn’t care less about sports channels, but you’re about to bring out your inner athlete with these moves guaranteeing a podium finish in the sport of extra-hot lovemaking. Let the games begin!
by Sexperts Sonny & Cher | Jun 24, 2013
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Yes, the rainy season is here. That means less outdoor fun and the kind of weather perfect for staying inside your bedroom (against, say, the office). But that doesn't mean y'all can be your lazy self all day and do nothing, so here's an idea to make you somewhat productive (or at least reproductive): Grab your girl and play a little Bedroom Olympics!

Check out the gallery below to learn how to bring out your inner athlete and go LeBron on your girl, dominating her in the sack with some pang-MVP bedroom moves. A podium finish in the sport of sex: guaranteed!

But before you try this out we suggest you perform first a couple of warm-up exercises. Not only will these prepare your lovemaking muscles, it'll also guarantee that you won't pull/strain/break anything while trying to pull off the positions on our highly taxing jiggy manual.

Builds: Stronger thigh muscles for never-say-die thrusting and lifting movement. No more ngalay and embarrassing leg twitches.
How-to: Assume a squat position. Jump up, swinging your arms up, and spring down into the starting position. Repeat.
Also do: Kettlebell swings, lunges

Builds: Chest and forearms able to withstand suspension as she writhes underneath you
How-to: With your hands underneath your shoulders, push up from the floor until arms are fully extended. Tense your core to keep your back straight.
Also do: Chest presses or bench presses

Builds: Strong abs and a stable back able to endure body-contorting "0" production
How-to: Either in a push-up or “crawl” position, hold your body straight for 30 seconds, with only your forearms and toes touching the floor. Feel the burn across your middle.
Also do: “Superman” back extensions

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So there you have it. Think you're all set and ready to have a go in the Bedroom Olympics? Below are the moves worthy of a gold medal in coitus! Check 'em out!

For the full Bedroom Olympics article, grab a copy of FHM's May 2013 issue! Or click here to download the digital edition!

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