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Top 10 Best NBA Pre-Game Handshake Routines

We wonder how much time they spent practicing these
by Mark Coles | Apr 24, 2016
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We watch NBA basketball because of the raw talent that these superstars display on the court. And oh, we're also crazy about the sport. However, aside from their skills there’s also one thing that players do before every game that amazes us.

Their pre-game handshake.

Elaborately choreographed and utterly mesmerizing, NBA players do them to hype themselves up before game time. We reckon it gets their blood pumping as much as a shootaround.

We’ve listed 10 of most amazing pre-game handshake routines below.

10) LeBron James’ Dab Handshake

Popularized by Cam Newton in the NFL, the Dab has become so popular The King has his own version.

9) Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields’ Bookworm Handshake

During his time in New York, Lin and Fields gave a little nod to Linsanity’s Harvard roots through this nerdy handshake.


8) Tim Duncan's Old Man Handshake

Never a fan of being flashy, Tim shows us the right handshake fundamentals.

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7) Nick Collison and Steven Adams’ Intense Old Man Handshake

Not to be outdone, Collison and Adams did an impression of Timmy's ritual—and we ranked it higher all because of Adams’ swabeng bigote.

6) LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's Box Handshake

Aside from terrorizing the opponent’s defense continuously with their flashy passes and alley-oops, this dangerous duo also performed some memorable fight choreography on the sidelines as well.

5) Stephen and Riley Curry’s Sweet Daddy-Daughter Handshake

Last year, Riley made global headlines by taking the spotlight away from her MVP dad in a post-game playoff interview. She's managed to stay in the limelight with this cute pre-game ritual with her father.

4) Reggie Miller’s Smooth Dance Handshake

Known for his deadly three-point bombs, the Pacers legend also had some sick dance moves to show in the hardwood.


3) The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Team Handshake

Who says the Cavs have no team chemistry?

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2) Cameron Payne’s Rookie Motivator Handshake

This newbie knows how to get down with his "elders."

1) Russell Westbrook’s Ain't Nobody Stopping This Handshake

No one can top Westbrook’s explosiveness on the court. Let this be a reminder that no one should try to stop him, especially when he's gyrating.


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