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Bradley VS Marquez: We Hate Them But We'll Watch Them On Sunday Anyway

How do you choose sides in a boxing match where you hate both the fighters? Here we justify watching Bradley and Marquez's upcoming welterweight championship bout
by Raul Maningat | Oct 11, 2013
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If you're feeling lost and tired and completely ecstatic after going through one of the most insane basketball weeks this hoops crazy nation has ever had, well you better pull yourself together. While the NBA Global Games and the UAAP finals fever have been crazy-wicked, there's another sporting event that we all need to focus on this weekend: a boxing match involving dudes whom the Pacquiao fans have a huge beef with. Malaki ang atraso ng dalawang to' sa'tin!


Squaring off in this Sunday's WBO welterweight title contest are Timothy Bradley, the dude who beat the Filipino icon via a highly controversial split decision, and Juan Manuel Marquez, that S.O.B. who scored a buzzer-beating KO over Manny while on the verge of getting knocked out himself.

This is a match-up between the two guys responsible for Manny Pacquiao's heartbreaking, jawbreaking, and backbreaking back-to-back losses. Yes, we're talking about Pacman conquerors here, and we have two questions that we'd like you to answer:

1) Are you rooting for anyone of them to win?

2) Should this championship bout even concern you?

The answer to both of these questions is YES. On the next page are our reasons why. 

NEXT PAGE: Whoever wins, Pacquiao gets to go at them one more time.

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