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Breakout Players Who Should Be All-Star this Season

<p>Hooray for the early bloomers!</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 25, 2010
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The official ballot for the 2011 NBA All-Star Game was released last Thursday, November 18. Given how much talent the NBA has had going into the season, voting has become a bigger burden than usual.

The NBA A-list of course, should remain in this year’s line-up: James, Paul, Gasol, Howard, and the likes – assuming they don’t pull a Greg Oden.

Picking out the reserves however, should be a different story.

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Breakout stars, as we call them, are the ones that compile the majority of the All-Star bench, and by golly the unfolding season has generated at least a dozen of their kind.

Here is a list of this season's breakout players who should get serious consideration for the All-Star team this season, if not the next:

(C) Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls

Competing for a spot with: Brook Lopez, Andrew Bogut
The Bulls have been capitalizing on his prodigy, and this season’s numbers (14.9 ppg, 13.3 rpg) indicate that keeping Noah is finally paying off.

Noah has had consistent double-double numbers save for 3 games in the past eleven. A slew of rebounds ranging from 13 to 19 is fast becoming a common fixture for the Bulls center, giving hints of him becoming a defensive-based all-star.

(C) Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers
Competing for a spot with: Al Horford, Dwight Howard
No problem gaining recognition on the East is Pacers big man Roy Hibbert, who has start-of-season averages of 16 points and 10 rebounds per game.

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