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Busting Skater Boy Myths with Nyjah Huston and the DC Skate Team!

Is it true, brah?
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 5, 2013
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Here's more proof that we're (pa-)cool: FHM hooked up and hung out with world-famous street skateboarder Nyjah Huston and the rest of the DC Skate Team last Sunday, September 1, at the Mall of Asia Music Hall!

One thing we can tell you about the gang: These dudes aren't as thuggish and slacker-ish as their culture might suggest. They are, if anything, highly productive professionals who take their jobs (skating) and passion (also skating) seriously. And they're more than happy to bust some of the common misconceptions the world has about skater boys. Proceed below to find out which myths are true and which ones are bull.

     The boys of DC Skate Team (L-R): Cyril Jackson, Wes Kremer, Nyjah Huston, Tommy Fynn, Jake Hayes

Wes Kremer: It’s just years of torture to your body. Physically and mentally. Just having to live with the burden of being a skateboarder. Knowing that’s your role in life…for the rest of your life—it’s pretty awesome. But if I had to choose a specific injury—it would be my wrist.

Nyjah Huston: I’ve never broken a bone, thank God. But I once bruised a bone in my left kneecap and that took a while to heal.

Jake Hayes: I once split my face open, just above my eyebrow. That sucked. Haven’t broken any bones yet, knock on wood.

Tommy Fynn: It’s too late for me. I broke my ankle twice and once had knee reconstruction. But I healed and not once did I think I’m never going to skate again. You just heal and come back into it because you really love it.

Cyril Jackson: I've never broken a bone but I hurt myself all the time.

Nyjah: I'd say maybe two weeks. Or a week. Sometimes it only takes a few days.

Wes: Mine lasted three years. The Wes Kramer pro line of shoes, you can probably skate with them for 10 years. No worries, no rips. Ha ha!

Nyjah: I give my kicks to kids at the skateparks when I’m done with them. That’s the best thing you can do. Get the product to kids.

Nyjah: I’ve been hooked on Tony Hawk: Pro Skater since I was pretty young. First time I was in it, I was probably 12 years old. I don’t play video games though. And if I did play, I probably wouldn’t play as myself. I'd probably choose Chris Cole or Paul Rodriguez.

Wes: Yes, Tony Hawk: Pro Skater is the best video game ever made!

Tommy: The first one is hands down legendary. I used to play the first one when I hurt myself and I had to stay at home.

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Photography Paul Mondok
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