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Celtics Fans Will Not Be Happy With Kyrie Irving After They See This

Seriously, Kyrie?
by Homer D. Sayson for SPIN.PH | Feb 4, 2019
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CHICAGO - Chew on this thought and let it marinate: commitment is not a breakfast menu, it's not supposed to waffle.

So, what changed, Kyrie Irving?

After announcing at a Boston Celtics event last October that "he plans to re-sign here next year," Irving's bold declaration suddenly has a weak pulse when reporters went to check on it in the wake of developments surrounding Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis.

Asked if his mindset has changed in terms of re-signing with Boston, Irving replied tersely, "Ask me July 1st." He then went on a little rant against reporters and about not owing "sh*t" to anybody, and that "at the end of the day" he will make "the best decision for me and my family."

Not exactly what Celtics fans wanted to hear. But then again, aren't they fools to believe the false promises of a guy who once insisted that the world is flat?

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And, given how they handled the Isaiah Thomas saga, are the Celtics brass even bigger fools for expecting loyalty in the same cutthroat business where they coldly got rid of a player who played hurt for them?

Karma is a bitch.

Kyrie has burned more bridges than a demolition expert, which makes his flip-flop no surprise. This is the same dude who, in the ongoing glory of Cleveland's dominance in the Eastern Conference, chose not to play with LeBron James anymore and forced an August 2017 trade that sent him to Boston.

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After signing a five-year, $94 million deal with the Cavs during the 2015-16 season, Kyrie can opt-out in July of 2019 and become an unrestricted free agent. Per his Nike commercial, Irving suggested that Boston's TD Garden is the designated rafters where he jersey will someday hang.

That thought sure doesn't look so promising right now. But don't fault Kyrie here.

The truth is, time and circumstance change, so do our life decisions. Nothing wrong with that. Relationships are seldom permanent, that's why there are divorces.

Take note that when Kyrie made his October tease, the Celtics were fresh from a successful playoffs run and were heavily favored to win the East this coming playoffs. Well, things haven't exactly turned out as wished.

Although their defense remains solid, surrendering just 105.5 points per and ranked third in the NBA, their offense is a mere 13th overall, scoring only 112.4 points per.

At 33-19, the Celtics are fifth in the East, a long way from their projected No. 1 ranking.

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There's been inner strife, too. According to Bleacher Report, Irving has "disappointed teammates and the coaching staff" for airing his frustrations in the media, the same media Irving accuses of seeping through lockers and destroying it.

Kyrie is only 26. Love him or hate him he's entitled to change his mind and feelings toward a team he swore he once loved dearly.

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