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Missed Contest Dunks And Alley-Oops Gone Wrong: The CBA 2015 All-Star Game FAIL-Tape!

WATCH: The Chinese Basketball Association's Yao-tin' A Fool All-Star Game edition!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 23, 2015
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Being part of an All-Star Game is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It's an awesome accolade that signifies people regard you as one the best players around. They also expect you to do something extraordinary that can literally wow them out of their seats.

And that's where the problem starts.

During the Chinese Basketball Association's (CBA) All-Star Game last month, January 19, the players participating obviously badly wanted to contribute to the highlight reel and impress the fans. They wanted to please too so much that they thought they could hang like the guys from the NBA!

Cue: FAIL song ("Hari Ng Sablay" maybe?)!

During the game, this duo tried to make their best CP3-Blake Griffin impersonation. Only to end up like a Shaqtin' A Fool candidate. Or maybe the ball just slipped? It happens, so let's cut them some slack.

While this one shows you how to perfectly ruin a fastbreak.

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So close... NOT!

Uhm, aren't you supposed to "dunk" the ball through the rim first before holding onto the basket?

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Now, let's jump to everyone's favorite: The Slam Dunk Contest!

We've seen this trick a couple of times: a guy jumps over another guy for an exciting finish. They're going to ace this one for sure. But wait, why is the other guy crouching? Is this the "Crouching Teammate, Hidden Dunker" dunk?

With his helpful teammate stooping so low, there's no way this dunker will fail. But what if he secretly hated his teammate and want nothing but a chance to kick him in the head?

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Here comes the score! You're too generous, judges!

To up the ante, this dunker attempts something that neither Zach LaVine nor Vinsanity have ever tried: Dunking over five nerds, este, dudes!

Annnnnndd... WHAT THE F!!!

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Here's a super slow-mo of the unfortunate dunk attempt:

We feel you, Steph!

Check out the fail full video below:

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