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Hey Cleveland, Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

We want to extend our apologies to LeBron, Kyrie, and the rest of the Cavs—and also thank them for this upcoming Game 7
by The FHM Editors | Jun 17, 2016
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Okay, so remember when we wrote an article calling for the NBA to just hand the championship to the Golden State Warriors after they waxed the Cleveland Cavaliers, 110-77, in Game 2? Guess who has a whole lot of eggs on their faces?

Yes, we messed up in dismissing the Cavs. Foolishly, we thought that the Warriors would just outgun the Cavs to a romp, not thinking that the other side of that narrative was Golden State simply holding serve in their home court. Because that’s really what Stephen Curry and company did, and the Cavs proved as much when they turned the other cheek with a 30-point blowout of their own in Game 3. Golden State took Game 4 in what has been the only close game of the series, but the Cavs, led by the suddenly inhuman LeBron James, stormed back to take Games 5 and 6, both in convincing fashion.

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So in the words of the immortal Justin Bieber: “Is it too late now to say sorry?”

We want to extend our apologies to the Cleveland Cavaliers and its fans for prematurely writing off the team. Granted, we weren’t the only ones to do it, but we like to call a spade a spade and in this case, we’ll take that ill-fated write-off on the chin.

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Having said that, let’s be real about what we’ve seen in the NBA Finals so far.

Whether you’re a Warriors fan or a Cavs fan, all of you will agree that this NBA Finals has been a hot mess of blowouts. From a game-to-game to standpoint, it’s arguably the least competitive Finals we’ve had in recent memory. We don’t know the exact stat, but we think there has never been an NBA Finals series that has gone to Game 7 with all six games prior coming by way of double-digit wins.

Seriously, revisit the scores from Games 1 to 6. The closest score was Game 4 when the Warriors won by 11 points. We’ve seen two 30-plus point blowouts (Game 2 for the Warriors; Game 3 for the Cavs), two 15-point victories (Game 1 for the Warriors; Game 5 for the Cavs), and a 14-point win by the Cavs in Game 6 to offset the Warriors’ 11-point win in Game 4. Not one of these past six games have gone down to the wire; a one-possession game in the last two minutes has yet to happen in this series.


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And yet, has there even an NBA Finals series that has been riddled with so many subplots that in spite of all the blowouts, we’re now staring down one of the most compelling and fascinating Game 7s in NBA Finals history. It certainly didn’t look that way when the Cavs were licking their wounds after two no-shows in Games 1 and 2.

So give them credit. They didn’t pack their tents and wept quietly into the night. They buckled down and they fought back. Tristan Thompson became an animal on the boards. JR Smith caught fire. Kyrie Irving turned in one memorable showcase performance after another. And LeBron James…holy shit, LeBron.

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We’re not going to dive into any in-depth analysis on how the Cavs rallied to tie the series because at the end of the day, who the hell really knows what’s going to happen in Game 7. We can’t dismiss a scenario where Curry, furious over his Game 6 ejection, drops 50 on Cleveland. Likewise, if LeBron James fills up the stat sheet like he did in Games 5 and 6, would anyone be surprised?

We certainly wouldn’t be, especially after LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers have spent the last week making us eat our words.

Again, to the Cavs, WE ARE SORRY.


Photos from the NBA and Cleveland Cavaliers' Facebook pages

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