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The Pro Wrestling Moves CM Punk Can And Can't Use In The Octagon

A word of warning, idol CM Punk: You can't use these pro wrestling moves in the UFC Octagon!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 9, 2014
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So that's why CM Punk isn't with the WWE anymore... He's now a UFC fighter!

During UFC 181's pay-per-view broadcast last Sunday, Punk, who retired from professional wrestling earlier this year, revealed that he will make his Octagon debut in mid-2015.

Video via UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Punk says he intends to fight at either middleweight (185 lbs) or welterweight (170 lbs). "My professional wrestling days are over, it's awesome to be here," says the 36-year-old. "I've wanted to do this for a long time. I felt like it was now or never. I have a limited window most fighters don't have. I'm either here to win or get my ass kicked."

Whatever floats your boat, idol. Just keep in mind that some of the rasslin' moves you used to do in the squared circle may not fly in the Octagon. So before you enter the cage, maybe you should read this first...

ALLOWED: Go To Sleep

A variation of the fireman's carry, Punk will not be disqualified if he executes his finishing move in the Octagon. However, the chances of him getting caught in a guillotine choke mid-air are pretty high. 

CM Punk


Blinding opponents using an urn full of ashes? Effective, but definitely not allowed.

CM Punk

ALLOWED: Anaconda vise

Also known as an arm-tap triangle choke, Punk's other signature move involves wrapping his arms around the opponent's head and arm and squeezing it. Unlike professional wrestling, however, he absolutely cannot keep the hold long after his opponent taps out. 

CM Punk

NOT ALLOWED: Hair pulling

MMA fighters with long locks are usually required to wear a bun, because guys like CM Punk use it to their advantage. 

CM Punk


Octagon rules forbid a fighter from kicking and stomping a grounded opponent, but a kick the other way around is perfectly legal. The thing though is that no one in the sport is as stupid as John Cena.

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CM Punk

NOT ALLOWED: Kendo sticks

As exciting as it sounds, using kendo sticks in the Octagon will probably lead to a lifetime ban (and jail time). 

CM Punk

ALLOWED: Right hook

If this knockout punch is any indication, Punk's defense needs a lot of work.

CM Punk

NOT ALLOWED: Roundhouse kick to a downed opponent

Punk can kick 'em to the head as much as he wants, as long as his opponent is on his feet. Doing so while an opponent is on his knees will result to a DQ.

CM Punk

ALLOWED: Spinning back fist

Looks impressive, but the chances of it actually landing are dim. Just ask Chael Sonnen, who, like Punk, received a knee to the chest from Anderson Silva after a botched attempt.

CM Punk

NOT ALLOWED: Stepping on a person

Unless Punk is looking at a one and done deal, he shouldn't ever do this. 

CM Punk

ALLOWED: Flying knee

The likes of Frank Mir, Carlos Condit, and BJ Penn have scored knockout victories with this very move. 

CM Punk

NOT ALLOWED: Fleeing the Octagon

We've seen Jose Aldo and Forrest Griffin run off after a fight, but fleeing in the middle of it, while a common occurrence in professional wrestling, is forbidden.

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