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The Real Conor McGregor Challenges Floyd Mayweather On Facebook!

'I will give you a fair 80/20 split purse in my favour [seeing] as your last fight bombed at every area of revenue.'
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 9, 2016
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A couple of days ago, a Facebook page posing as Conor McGregor came out with a post that slammed Floyd Mayweather and his recent rants on racism. The post went viral perhaps because it said the things that people have always wanted to say to Mayweather—and McGregor finally "said" it!

Today, a few hours ago, the real Conor McGregor has stepped up to the plate and finally addressed Floyd's claims that he's only big now because he isn't black. Conor broke down his post into six items, most of which thanked the media for the awards they were giving him. Several media outlets such as ESPN, Fox and Yahoo! have apparently awarded him their Fighter of the Year awards.

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Most noteworthy was item Number Four, which tackled the Mayweather issue.

It went:

"4. Floyd Mayweather, don't ever bring race into my success again. I am an Irishman. My people have been oppressed our entire existence. And still very much are. I understand the feeling of prejudice. It is a feeling that is deep in my blood.

In my family's long history of warfare there was a time where just having the name 'McGregor' was punishable by death.

Do not ever put me in a bracket like this again.

If you want we can organise a fight no problem.

I will give you a fair 80/20 split purse in my favour seen as your last fight bombed at every area of revenue.

At 27 years of age I now hold the key to this game.

The game answers to me now."

Damn. We absolutely love the bravado of this 27-year-old dude. The post also mirrors some of the statements made by the fake McGregor profile (specifically the part about Mayweather's last fight bombing horribly).

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Here's the entire post, which garnered 55,000 likes and 8,000 shares an hour after being posted:

What do you think about a fight between Conor and Floyd? We'd definitely watch it. Fought in a boxing ring, Money will have the skill advantage. But the age difference (Floyd's 38) and athleticism might just make the gap narrower than we think.

(P.S. And how can we not root for a guy who thinks his mom will be proud of his "sex symbol" status?)


Photo from Conor McGregor's Facebook page.

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