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Steph Curry On Controversial Celtics Comment: 'That's Crazy'

The basketball superstar claims it was taken out of context
by Andrei Medina | Nov 20, 2017
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Two-time champion Stephen Curry claims that a comment he made about the possibility of the Golden State Warriors facing the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals was badly misconstrued.

Curry admitted after their recent win over the Philadelphia 76ers that he was frustrated about how things quickly got blown out of proportion after he simply entertained a question.

“You can literally take one line of what I say and say, 'very, very likely.' But read the whole comment. I hate when that happens,” he said adding “I stand up here and talk for 45 seconds about that question and you want to take five words that put the Boston Celtics in the Finals. That's crazy.”


The defending champs lost to the Celtics, 92-88, last week. This improved the Celtics’ winning streak to 14 while also snapping the Warriors’ own seven-game winning streak.

Curry scored nine points for the Warriors while Celtics star Kyrie Irving dropped 16 points.

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It was after this game that Curry said it was “very, very likely” that the Celtics could land in the Finals. But he specifically said that they first need to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers who are the reigning Eastern Conference champions.

Despite this, only the “very likely” part got picked up and it immediately went viral online. Was Curry’s comment really taken out of context? Check out his full answer below:

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