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The Superbout Scorecard Conspiracy Has Been Debunked

Don't believe everything you see and hear about the superbout!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 6, 2015
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The aftermath of the May-Pac fight has, unquestionably, been more exciting than the fight itself. Team Pacquiao has that whole shoulder injury issue, which Pacquiao has cried conspiracy over but for which he might get sued. Team Mayweather has stoked the fires for a rematch with Mayweather's alleged openness to a second fight. Simply put, there's enough swirling around to keep the conspiracy theorist in us, occupied.

One particular theory that has gotten much traction is the one about the "red" and "blue" corners being switched on the referee's scorecard. The scorecard has circulated on the Internet, claiming that the judges' unanimous decision for Floyd should, in fact, be for Pacquiao. This is because the card put Pacquiao on the blue corner and Mayweather on the red, which didn't match their actual in-ring designation. In the ring, Pacquiao sat on the red corner; Mayweather on the blue.


bluredPhoto via Chris Cooke

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A good number cried "Conspiracy!" while some were more sensible:



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We agreed with what the fan site   SportsJoe had to say: "It's just a clerical error."

"The judges made a miniscule mistake on the scorecards by confusing which corner each fighter started out in. This caused conspiracy theorists around the globe to argue that they actually scored the fight in favour of Pacquiao, because he was in the blue corner, despite the fact that he was outclassed by Mayweather on the night," the entry reads.

But this probably put the final nail in this conspiracy's coffin: The Nevada State Athletic Commission has sent images of the corrected scorecards to news site Rappler, in which the original letters in the corner box have been "whited out" and have been corrected according to the in-ring corners of the two fighters:

Image via Rappler

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Let's put the scorecard issue out of its misery, shall we?

Here's another conspiracy: Several sites have posted a headline that goes "Floyd Mayweather Paid Judges Millions to Fix Fights."

The news entry was posted on the sites,,, and, with the text reading as such:

                       "Las Vegas – A judge came forward revealing that him and possibly three other judges were paid to  vote in favor the Money Team’s Floyd Mayweather on multiple occasions.

“I mean what did he think would happen once the checks stop depositing into my account” Said a Las Vegas judge that was on at least 5 of boxer Floyd Mayweather’s fight.

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t responded to the accusations other than posting a video of him thumbing through a check in true Money Mayweather fashion. A formal investigation by the Boxing Association is in progress, but no formal charges or stripping of his titles will be made until it’s complete.

Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao on points to remain unbeaten. Judges turn in scores of 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110, all to Mayweather. Mayweather lands 148 of 435 punches (34%), Pacquiao just 81 of 429 (19%)."

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The easy verdict: It's bullshit. Those sites are sketchy, and we don't know if there's a boxing association that officially goes by "Boxing Association."

So, be careful out there, fight fans. Interest over the May-Pac fight will subside in a matter of days—and hopefully so will these whack conspiracies.

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