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The Fire Inside Football Legend Diego Maradona Still Burns

The passionate Argentine flips the bird then gets medical attention in wild celebrations
by Miggy Dumlao | Jun 27, 2018
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Needing a win to advance, things were looking bleak for Argentina in the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Then defender Marcos Rojo struck a volley into the net in the 86th minute against Nigeria, to ensure the South American nation's place in the Final 16.

The game was a welcome boost for Argentina, as they started the tournament nowhere near their best. The Argentines finally showed that they belong, with star forward Lionel Messi taking control of the game from the outset, despite constant defensive attention from the Nigerian team.

While the team's play on the pitch was encouraging, it was another Argentine legend who stole the show. When Rojo scored the winner, the cameras panned to a curly haired, stocky dude celebrating with his two middle fingers up, flipping the bird for the whole world to see. Later, paramedics were tending to that same man—Diego Maradona.

Maradona is widely regardad as one of the best football players of all time, almost single-handedly carrying his teams to championships. Whether representing his native Argentina or the club teams that he played for throughout his career, Maradona never failed to put on a show.

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Maradona and Brazilian Pele are considered the top two footballers ever, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi gaining ground. But while Pele is respected and admired as a gentleman and ambassador of the sport, Maradona is as expressive, controversial, and passionate as a human could possibly get.


Known for being one of the most flamboyant personalities to walk the earth, Maradona was a wizard on the pitch, dribbling past defenders with ease and scoring goals for fun. Off the field, it was headline after headline for the stocky Argentine.

He scored two goals in the 1986 World Cup that will be forever remembered by football fans. One was him picking up the ball midfield and proceeding to dribble past almost half the English team before slotting the ball home, another was the infamous "Hand of God" goal, where he appeared to handle the ball into the net while seemingly going for a header.

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Maradona has always been in the headlines since then, owing to drug scandals or just plain Maradona-ness. Yesterday was just another day in the office for the man considered a god in his country.

Love or hate him, you could neither question his talent nor deny his passion.

Tone it down a bit, but never change, Diego.


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