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Do You Own Any Of These Sick Superhero PBA Trading Cards?

Someone please make an updated batch of these local sports treasures!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 6, 2017
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While in the middle of our customary social media browsing, we came across this PBA gem of a find.

Apparently sometime in the past, our favorite local basketball players were reimagined as powerful beings in the style of Marvel superheroes. A member of the Facebook group ALL time PBA GREATS shared the sick illustrations and it certainly caught our attention, being avid followers of the league.

This made the guys at FHM wonder what could be the potential backstories of the following PBA legends if they were actual caped crusaders.


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This should read 'The Demolition Man.' Due to Ildefonso's knack for rim-rattlers and raising the roof, his power lies in his forceful descent that makes the ground tremble a la Hulk. He channels energy from the Earth's core to dominate opposing players in the post.


His two-pronged attack consists of close-combat/slashing proficiency and deadly projectiles/shooting. Duremdes isn't related to either Captain Marvel or Captain Barbell, but possesses the otherworldly qualities that both superheroes have.


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David discovered his ability when he once passed a snatcher during his morning jog. A distant relative of Savitar ('God of Speed'), he occasionally breaks the speed of light as well as the ankles of his opponents whenever he loses control of his acceleration. 


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Many had been fooled by this former MVP's diminutive stature. Once they realized that he was actually the biggest player in terms of his court presence, it was too late. Abarrientos had already taken over the game and left opposing players in the dust.


His immovable center of gravity more than compensates for his lack of flight. Taulava's version of Thor's Mjolnir is made up of the hardest minerals that only a once-in-a-generation talent like him can mine. Legend has it that he has found the fountain of youth's location.

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